Thanks for stopping by!  Those of you who know me in RL are probably aware that I took up sewing as a hobby late last summer, around August.  I am enjoying it so much that I decided to share the ups and downs of my adventures with the world.  I hope to post on all the different things I have made in the first few months to catch myself up, and then I can do a new post each time I make something.  I like the idea of cataloging everything.

Why sewing?  Well for one thing, my mom is an excellent seamstress.  She always made us costumes for Halloween when we were younger, and she made our Christmas stockings as well.  Secondly, I have developed a fairly recent interest in costuming, and feel like adding sewing to my skillset will enable me a lot there.  Finally, I have always been crafty, so why not add another crafty thing to my list of hobbies?

My friend Elizabeth undertook sewing as an adventure with me.  It’s been a much more pleasant ride being able to share that with her.  We are often lugging our machines from my house to hers or vice versa to sew while our guys play video games or poker, etc.  Works well.

I guess that is it for now … back soon!



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