Money Well Spent … Fabric Deal Day!

On Wednesday, Elizabeth sent me a link she received in her email.  An online fabric retailer was having a sale.  This was amusing to us, as I had been saying earlier this week how I was in the mood to buy some new fabric.  Heck, we were even planning a trip to the local Hancock store to see if they got anything knew that very evening.  Obviously I could not resist checking out the web sale, even though I had never ordered from there before.

The sale was at and I believe it goes through 3/19, assuming there is still fabric left!  There was plenty of selection when Elizabeth and I shopped, but another friend shopped slightly later and was having issues with things being sold out.

Fabrics ranged from $1.95 a yard to about $5 a yard.  There was a lot of selection, some nice solids as well as prints, and what sounded like nice quality materials, such as jersey knits and stretchy woven fabrics.  That is the one part that makes me nervous about buying fabric online – not being able to touch it first to decide if I like the feel of it.  But I still wound up buying a lot of fabric – it was hard to turn down prices like that, especially for stretchy jersey knit fabric.  And since I know I like the feel of such fabric, seemed like a no brainer.

I did go a little bit crazy.  Bought 38 yards of fabric.  So I am stocked up for a while.  But price per yard was about $3.50 all said and done, including the shipping.  Can’t beat that.

Generally anyway.  We did go to the fabric store that evening.  We were doing very well at not buying anything, since we both spent a good amount on fabric online.  Then we found the section of the store where there typically aren’t any signs about sales … but we have had good luck finding fabrics that are in fact on sale.  Strangely, both of us found a fabric there.  Elizabeth got a great black, white, and grey printed polyester fabric that will look great for one of her maxi dresses.  It was $1.95 a yard.  I found a fabric in beige, purples, pinks, and some yellows and oranges – a nice stretchy print that I had seen in the store before.  It was $2.95 a yard.  Win!

I also left the store with 5 yards of no roll 3/4″  elastic and 1/3 of a yard of a fake leather fabric that I plan to use to doctor up a drinking flask so that it is steampunk-y and it can be a part of my DragonCon costume.  I will probably go with the 20 oz one.

All in all, it was a great day to purchase fabric 🙂  Below are some of the goodies I got online.  I hope they arrive soon!

Grey Multi Argyle Sweater Knit (5 yds)

Black Active Wear (5 yds)

Black / Red Stripe Active Wear (3 yds)

Blue T-shirt Knit (3 yds)

Grey Stretch Sateen (3 yds)









Grey and Lavender Stripe Jersey Knit (3 yds)

Olive Rib Knit (3.5 yds)

White Floral Jersey Knit (3 yds)

Yellow Micro Rib Knit (3 yds)

White / Yellow T-Shirt Jersey Knit (3 yds)










Dark Grey Lacoste Knit (3.5 yds)










I am hoping the last one may be appropriate material for a pair of work pants.  And I have plans for several tops / tunics.  Might be a pair of pajama pants in there somewhere – maybe the grey and purple stripe?  Or the blue t-shirt one.  I envision the white and purple floral one as a skirt or possibly a dress.

I need to finish my steampunk costume so I can get to work on all this!  But for now, I will have to wait for my fabric to arrive in the mail.


3 comments for “Money Well Spent … Fabric Deal Day!

  1. March 12, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    In keeping with some of your song-lyric post titles, I feel like this one could have been “the waaaaiiiiiting is the hardest part.” I hate waiting for fabric to arrive. I really like the floral print and the yellow/black/grey/white one. We are going to be busy little seamstresses.

    • jadesabre9
      March 12, 2012 at 2:08 pm

      Oh man, and I couldn’t think of a good name!!! That one would have rocked. Not sure how or why I started that by the way LOL.


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