Busy Doing Nothing

Well, nothing related to sewing anyway.  Both my work and personal life have been extremely busy lately, which is the reason for the lack of recent posts.

What HAS happened lately (in terms of sewing)?

I have been working on gluing and re-gluing (that is the weirdest word ever) the pin backs onto a broach for the Steampunk coat.  This is all related to attaching the chains to the front of it.

I cut the pieces out for two patterns – a skirt and the pants part of my steampunk costume.  I have not cut any fabric for these yet.  I also realized that I bought the wrong pattern size for the skirt.  Fail.  However, since it is a skirt, I am hoping I will be able to modify it to fit me pretty easily.

I received my order from FashionFabricsClub.com.  I had gotten an email about one of the fabrics not having a large enough piece to give me the full 5 yards that I ordered, so I took two smaller pieces of it.  When I got the fabric, there were two other fabrics missing from my order (the sweater argyle fabric and the yellow/gray/black/white dot pattern, my two favorites).  One was listed on the receipt as sold out.  The other was not.  I also received a random piece of fabric that I did not order.  I have since spoken to them and gotten my refund for the ones I did not receive.  I am guessing they just had a lot of traffic and shipments to send, but it was a little frustrating.  I had been looking forward to it a lot, and it put a damper on the receipt of the fabric.  I guess my next step is to wash and cut things.

I got a flier in the mail last week for Hancock Fabrics that informed me about some upcoming pattern sales.  I think McCall’s are on sale for $2 starting Sunday (Mar 25), and the Butterick patterns will be on sale for $1 the following week (April 5 through 9).  Elizabeth and I are planning to make a few trips to investigate this, since we now refuse to buy patterns at full price.

Tonight I plan to cut some fabric for my costume pants, and potentially start ironing on interfacing for the bustier part of my costume.  I will keep you posted on how that turns out.  In the meantime … thanks for being patient with my slowness 🙂


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