Day: March 26, 2012

Cuts Like a Knife …

… Or like my rotary cutter 🙂 Very quickly and easiliy! And yes, I like Bryan Adams’ music.

I still haven’t done much sewing recently. But I have been doing a lot of cutting! This post will essentially be a preview of posts to come.

This week I cut the pants of my Steampunk costume. I will be making view A of the pants pattern, on the top left of the envelope.

Additionally, I fused some interfacing onto the bustier pieces and the few pants pieces that needed it. I also cut lining for the bustier, and stared at the featherweight boning that goes in this piece, trying to convince myself and the project bits that everything is going to go smoothly. You don’t want to meet, Fred, I said.

I hope my bullying tactic works.

I also cut most of a skirt. I need to by a small amount of fabric for some contrast pieces. This fabric is fun, summery, and feels nice – a stretchy jersey knit. I am doing View E of this one, shown below.

I’ve had the fabric for a sleeveless tunic for a while, and with the weather in Charleston warming rapidly, summer tops seemed in order. It’s a lovely soft rayon. If it’s anything like the rayon I used for my last tunic it probably frays like nobody’s business. But that tunic survived the wash machine, so hopefully this one will be ok too. View B for the win.  I am trying my hand at bust adjustments on this one, but not really following much instruction.  I just left a bit of extra fabric on the edges of the front pieces.

Finally, I cut fabric for a dress. The fabric is one I ordered online – a white floral print in jersey knit. It is pretty and soft and perfect … Except it is very see-through. I had some white satin lying around and cut that for a lining. It might be interesting as the dress pattern only calls for lining on the top. View C on this (the right picture).

Now that I have all of those things cut, I should be set for a few months sewing wise :). I still have lots of fabric from my order, and with pattern sales coming up this week, I hope to score some nice things for future projects too.

Oh, and some of these patterns claim toe “easy” or “very easy” or even “sew easy”. I will believe it when I see it! Strangely, I have not yet done a project with a pattern that claims this status. But we shall see if these patterns prevent the typical ranting that occurs for me. My hopes are not high.

When do I actually plan to sew these things? Well, Elizabeth is hosting a sewing night this weekend, so surely I will do some then. Not sure how ambitious I will get during the week.