Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It’s supremely cliche, but seemed a song-appropriate title for the activities from last weekend.  Why am I continuing this song-themed titling you wonder?  I am with you on that.  Maybe I will get some good ideas for blog titles due to my current obsession with The Voice.

Anyway, Elizabeth invited a bunch of her girlfriends over for “Sewing and Crafting Night”.  We potlucked, and I made some truffles to bring with me, shown below.

I found the recipe on Pinterest (love that site) – they are made of cream cheese, crushed oreos, and nutella.  Sold.  My only complaint was that the recipe was not terribly specific in the amount of oreos.  It said “2 or 3 rows”.  And then it had very small amounts of the other ingredients.  So I admittedly eyeballed it.  They still came out quite good, if I do say so myself.

Elizabeth decided that since she was hosting, she would work on something quick and easy, a tunic.  She has a harder time concentrating when she is playing hostess to a group, which I can understand.  I did not take any pictures of her tunic (but I know she will post about it on her blog if you are curious), but did capture her helping a few others with their projects for the night.  Below she helps Liz layout her pajama fabric for cutting.

I am a huge fan of pajama pants, so I totally supported Liz’s project decision.  In addition to Liz’s pajama project, Melanie worked on a vintage dress she wants to modify, by removing its lining.  Kate worked on a recipe book she is making.  Melissa and Lauren came over and baked some completely delicious chocolate-y dessert goodness.  Here are Kelly and I eating it – it was perfect girls’ night food!

Kelly worked on her knitting.  She has been making these adorable dragon sheep, so she began a third one to add to her fleet of them.

I had recently finished my Steampunk coat, and have been super busy in real life for the past few weeks, so I was chomping at the bit to do some sewing.  I have several different projects cut and ready to work on, but I decided to continue on my costume.  There are two pieces left – a bustier that goes underneath the coat and a pair of pants to wear with it.  I decided I would start with the bustier.

Scary things about the bustier:

1)  Separating zipper

2)  Featherweight boning

3)  Very fitted

There aren’t a ton of steps to this part of my steampunk costume, but for sure the prospect of putting boning into a garment is frightening.  First things first, I had to figure out how to pin all the pieces together.  I had ironed on the interfacing a few weeks ago, so I started reviewing pattern pieces, numbers, and instructions.  Thankfully I remembered to cut the marker tags on most of the pieces 😛

I had to do this for both the lining and the fabric.  Truly, it was not my favorite exercise.  Afterwards, I pinned – since the top is fitted, I had to do this carefully.  However, since I have described this pinning trick in detail in another post, I will save you from it here 🙂  Pinning completed, I sewed all the pieces together.  I even did it without needing help from my friend, Fred (my handy dandy seam ripper).  With their powers combined, the bustier pieces turned into this:

I was paranoid that I may have somehow cut something wrong, but so far I do not think I made that particular mistake.  I was also afraid of cutting this too small, so I cut it too big figuring to take it in.  That also could be a mistake – one that I am currently worried about.  However, let’s talk about the mistake I KNOW I made …

It begins above, with the scissors.  I am fairly obsessed with trying to make my work look neat and finished.  Mostly because after spending all that time and work on it, I would just die if it fell apart when I throw the garment in the washing machine for the first time.  And I am too lazy to hand wash things.  I may have to start though, now that I sew.  Anyway, my mistake.  I figured I needed to finish all the seams on the bustier.  I don’t like flattening them, I prefer to iron to one side and overcast stitch.

Well if I had consulted my instructions a bit more, I would have realized that I needed to do it the flat way to accommodate the boning and the casing part for it.  Sadly, even Fred cannot glue fabric back onto garments.  I believe the word you are looking for is “Oooops.”  Or perhaps you prefer something more colorful.  I know I said some colorful things at this point in the evening.  Sewing: Turning people into potty mouths for over 200 years.

After this realization, I still stitched the lining pieces together.  I think I have decided that because this piece has a lining, I will try to fix my uber mistake by inserting the boning into the lining rather than the outer fabric.  If I was afraid of it before, I am definitely more worried now.  Stay tuned!


2 comments for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. April 5, 2012 at 8:45 am

    I think it’ll be just fine with the boning in the lining. I am looking forward to reading a post about how you accomplished this magical feat.

  2. April 5, 2012 at 8:45 am

    I think it’ll be just fine with the boning in the lining. I am looking forward to reading a post about how you accomplished this magical feat.


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