Revenge of the PJs: The Third Attack

This is gonna be a quick blurb for sure today.  I have been running around Charleston with my parents who are in town visiting for a few days.  Not much sewing happening right now.  Here are the few sewing related events I can mention quickly.

1)  I did make a quick pair of pajama pants for my sister.  Mom and Dad will bring them to her when they return home.  I’m skipping the details, since you have already heard about my crazy pajama pants stories – twice!  Here is Mom holding up the finished project.  And Zedd photo-bombing.  My sister’s wedding theme is love birds, so this fabric seemed like a cute choice for her.

2)  I discovered, during the making of the above pajama pants, that I have misplaced my small ziploc bag of spare needles.  This bag also contains my elastic threader.  Crap weasels is the word you are looking for.  When I was cleaning for all the recent company, I must’ve put the bag in an unusual location, not in my storage containers … Still have not found them.  Sigh.

3)  I received the fabric for my upcoming WOW costume project.  Next steps will be cutting and planning and pattern adjustments.  Stay tuned!


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