Just Discovered: New & Exciting Ways to Fail!

There are some days when you just should not touch your sewing machine.  Turn it off and back away.

That is what I should have done earlier this week.  I decided to sew after some cleaning and laundry and guest bedroom sheet changing.  I had very recently had a lot of success beginning the work of adding various applique type decorations to the front of my robe for Project Breyna.  I was feeling confident.

The sewing gods, however, did NOT smile upon me.  I was too frustrated to take a lot of pictures of my woes, sorry.

The first few zig-zag stitches of a new line of bias tape got stuck in the machine.  I stopped, removed the garment and began my seam ripping.  It was not an easy process with the back fabric being knit, and I was terribly paranoid about ruining my costume.  Got the seam ripped, and started stitching on the bias tape again.

It got stuck again.  $*%@&^!

This time when I turned my garment over and began seam ripping with Fred, I began to rip THE WRONG SEAM.  I started to undo the stitching for a perfectly good piece of bias tape from the day before.  I screamed and cursed some more.  My husband told me it was time to stop for the evening.  Thankfully, the seam I started to rip here is near the collar, which must be covered with some bias tape anyway, so I will be able to hide that mess.

I started ripping the correct seam.  Again.  And then Fred betrayed me!  My hand slipped during a particularly tough set of thread ripping and Fred ripped a whole in my costume near the shoulder seam.  $#@*$%!@*!!!!

I consoled myself saying that I had planned to adjust the shoulder seam anyway for multiple reasons, and now I just had another one.  Everything was still fixable.

I finally got the zig zag stitching started on the new strand of bias tape without a snag.  A little ways down the bias tape, I noticed I was stitching on the tape, but the tape had moved so that it was no longer covering the border between the yellow and ivory fabric.

Crappity crap crap weasels.  More seam ripping ensued.  I revised my error.

Then I knocked all of my pins on the floor of my dining room.

Sigh.  Here I am playing 52 pin pick-up.  As a friend informed me, I really need to get the magnet expansion to that game.

I finally finished attaching the single strand of bias tape to the front of my robe.  It is not the prettiest sewing ever … has a fold in one spot, and the knit is a little wonky in a few.  But I am over it.

I took my husband’s advice and stopped after that one piece of bias tape.

And then I got Penny hugs to make me feel better.

The good news is, I had Elizabeth and Kelly over for a sewing night after that, and attaching the rest of the bias tape to the front of the robe went fairly smoothly.  My only regret with the bias tape design is that I thought I had planned the whole thing out well, but then I decided to add a few extra pieces to the design last minute.  This caused some seams and stitching in places I didn’t really want it.  It seems very important to completely know what your plan is for appliques before sewing because order really does matter.  Some lines that I wanted to be stitched UNDER other lines wound up on top / connecting to them instead.

I keep telling myself that these small mistakes will not be noticeable on the finished product.  Especially from far away.  And if anyone comes up and puts their face too close to my stitching I will have an excuse to smack them and claim it looks fine.

Elizabeth didn’t do much sewing, just planning and cutting.  Didn’t even bring her machine.  She did however get Penny hugs.

Kelly didn’t sew either, her machine is sadly broken and in the shop.  But she brought her knitting project, which has come a long way.  She is also currently working on an anime costume (sewing, not knitting).  Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more about it when her machine is working – it certainly sounds impressive.

In addition to finishing the bias tape around the yellow part of the robe, I attached some very pretty braided trim.  I was extremely slow at this, since I remember the horrors of the red cord from earlier this year.  I did however change my needle to a size 16, and did not bend or break it during the process.  I did however try to start sewing without securing the needle …

Got a good laugh on that one!

Worst thing that happened is that I discovered my sewing machine is a big fat liar – I got three E6 errors from my machine, trying to tell me that the thread was tangled.  It never was, the needle would just hit a spot on the trim that wouldn’t allow it to easily pass through, and I would turn the machine off, then back on and continue sewing.  I was most worried about sewing through two layers of trim when they crossed, like this.

Here is one more picture, of the underside of the robe front, just because I think it looks neat 🙂

In the meanwhile, the DragonCon countdown is getting lower and lower.  As of this post, there are 77 days left!  Starting to feel the pressure to get this costume done and then deal with all of the other little finishing things for them.  I intend to make some sort of priest weapon / lantern / staff to carry with me at the con for Project Breyna.  The Steampunk costume has lots of finishing touches too.  I have to “decorate” my Steampunk boots.  I have to make a steampunk hat.  And I have to make a nice Steampunk sleeve for my flask.  I am doubting that my metal working project is going to get done for this year’s con (would have been an addition to the Steampunk costume).  But I will also probably need some sort of Steampunk apparatus of sorts.  Kind of going with a key theme at the moment.  Maybe I will find an empty birdcage to carry around with me.

Hopefully next post, I will come to you the bearer of good news, rather than more tails of failing on my costume. 🙂  I will take any number of small failures, though, provided the finished product is not one giant fail!  Cheers!


6 comments for “Just Discovered: New & Exciting Ways to Fail!

  1. June 14, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Oh, Penny. I hope to become a responsible blogger again soon. Your costume is coming along very nicely!

    • jadesabre9
      June 14, 2012 at 10:24 am

      Thanks 🙂 I do expect some blogging from you soon, but I suppose RL is an ok excuse … 😉

  2. June 14, 2012 at 9:09 am

    So cool- I’m really enjoying these posts. Now I must ask- when you play pin pickup, how do you keep to the solitaire version? As soon as I bend over to pick up pins I am joined by 3 dogs and a cat or two that think I’d be best helped by their tails swooshing the pins around, a good nose lick and maybe even one climbin on my back! You must be very quick!

    • jadesabre9
      June 14, 2012 at 10:24 am

      It depends on how awake my dogs are. One of mine does enjoy the tail thwapping – quite violently I might add. So far I don’t think anyone has stepped on a pin …

  3. June 15, 2012 at 12:46 am

    ROTFL! Yes, you should not have tried to sew. But I’m glad you did, because it gave me a very entertaining story to laugh at! Puppy or kitty hugs make everything better. Robe is looking stellar so far!

    • jadesabre9
      June 15, 2012 at 9:37 am

      Haha thanks! I am learning quite a bit about knits too … fun stuff!


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