Piecing Things Together

My sleeve victory, while important, was only a step along the way to a greater achievement: I have now pieced the robe together.

Surprisingly, I did not revisit the instructions for this pattern at all  (Simplicity 4795), since doing a general review of them at the very beginning, before I connected the shoulders, somewhat mistakenly.  So all in all, this pattern was 0 for 1.  I remember finding the way this particular one was layed out to be particularly confusing, and I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to stitch the sides of the robe first and ease the sleeves, or stitch flat sleeves by doing the shoulder seam first.  Since I couldn’t figure out the stupid instructions, I said “#@*$ it!” and went the flat sleeve route, as it is easier.

My order of attaching the pieces was as follows:

1)  Attach sleeves to robe at shoulder seams.  I stitched and tried on in between a lot because I was afraid of the robe being too big.  It was a good call, I think the sleeve was hanging about a foot off the end of my hand at first.  I would up taking almost 6 inches off both the sleeve and the body piece.

2)  Stitch the underarm seam closed for both sides.  And overcast the edges.  For what its worth, I also overcasted the shoulder seam.

3)  Stitch the sides of the robe closed.  Again, I wound up taking in about 6 inches on each side, more near the top of the robe than the bottom.

I did use the tissue paper trick to keep my seams from getting too wavy.  I found that a folded piece (or two pieces) worked better than a single piece.  Below is a shot showing how to place the tissue paper – between the fabric and the feed dogs of the machine.

Here is a shot of what the underside of the fabric looks like after stitching through the tissue paper.

And the leftovers, after pulling the tissue away, will probably disintegrate the first time I wash it.  Which I plan to do before DragonCon, probably by hand.  Because I am terrified of the washer & dryer wreaking havoc on my costume.

I technically still have to hem it.  And add some hand sewn black jewels.  But I am calling it done for the moment.  Huzzah! 😀  Here it is, without belt and head piece and shoulders, with the file I have been following as a guide.

My version is definitely different than what the troll is wearing on the left – for one thing, the top of my robe seems a bit more modest than hers.  I was just frightened at the prospect of doing that properly.  I will certainly need to wear a white / light tank and some leggings underneath this, as the ivory portion shows dark colors through it very easily.

Next up, belt.  Hopefully that piece will be quick!


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