Inuyasha Costume: The Final Chapter

When I last worked on the tunic for the Inuyasha costume, I had pretty much finished some sleeves.  Next up, connecting all the pieces of the tunic.  Here is the order I went about attaching all my pieces in.

1)  Attach front and back sleeve pieces along top seam (done last time).

2)  Sew front and back tunic pieces together at the shoulder seam.

3)  Stitch the armhole seams (sleeves get attached to the tunic front & back here).

4)  Sew the bottom seam of the sleeves and the side seams of the tunic.*

5)  Attach the v-neck binding.*

You may notice some red asterisks near steps 4 & 5.  The reason for these is that if you know what is good for you, you will switch the order of these steps – v-neck binding first and then the sleeve and side seams.

Because I was slightly terrified of the v-neck binding step (the only other time I did a v neck facing was for a tunic, and it sucked hard), I thought it would be a good plan to stitch the bottom of the sleeves and the sides of the tunic together first, saving the nasty bit for last.  However, when I truly thought about attaching the binding with the tunic already in this nearly completed state, I realized my error.

Rather than having lots of space to work with since the fabric would still be open, I had to bunch a lot of the tunic up under the machine arm.  I made it work, but it was not ideal.

I imagined that attaching the v-neck binding would be similar to the Freddy Krueger collar, which I had recently done.  However, I decided to consult The Google for specifics.

Thankfully, the interwebz and You Tube came to my rescue again.  I watched several different videos and read a few tutorials, but this was the method I settled on.  Aside from the strange music, I found this video very useful.  Mind you, I still had to think hard about how to properly pin the “v” part of the neck line.  In my opinion, whatever way you THINK is the right way, do it the opposite way.  This was another one of those Epic Sewing Spatial Reasoning Challenges.  This time, I won!  Hopefully, this picture will help you figure out the proper way to pin the bottom of the v-neck area.  There are no pins in the picture below, but you should get the idea as I have only sewed a small bit of the binding together here.


After following the instructional video to its completion, I wound up with quite a nice v-neck collar on the tunic.


The only thing left on the tunic was to hem the sleeves and tunic bottom, and then to insert some black trim into the sleeves to match Inuyasha’s outfit.  When I hemmed the sleeves I left the bottom part of the bell unhemmed at first, just in case.  Afterwards, I decided to weave the black trim in by cutting tiny slits in the fabric and using the smallest elastic threader I had to pull the trim through the improvised casing.  I used fray check on the edges I cut, and also on the ends of the black trim pieces.


With my tunic completed, I proceeded to work on the balloon pants part of the costume.  I am going to spare you the details here, because this was essentially yet another pair of pajama pants.  I stopped after getting the pants pieced together.  I wanted to do a fitting with Phoenix prior to adding in elastic at the waist and ankles.  I did that yesterday, and there isn’t a lot of fixing to be done as the pants fit fairly well.  A few inches off the bottom of the pants and some elastic and we’ll call it done.  You probably won’t get another post on this costume until I have pictures of both finished costumes to share from Halloween, so check back in two weeks or so 🙂  Here are some pictures of the 90% done project.



I guess I do have to finish a sash to go with the tunic as well, but that will be quick too.  Cheers!


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  1. October 22, 2012 at 8:06 am

    I am impressed with your v-neck. It looks so neat and tidy! Can’t wait to see the finished costume.


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