The What-I’m-Gonna-Sew-Next List

I’ve decided that I have too many things on my proverbial sewing plate.  So yesterday, I spent some time going through my stash of fabric and patterns, in an attempt to make a list of projects so that I can just pick one and move forward without hemming and hawing.  The list will include some non-sewing projects I know I want to do as well, mostly Christmas related.  I’m feeling even more in the Christmas spirit than usual this year, so be prepared for some non-sewing Christmas crafts.

Keep in mind, the lists are not in the order I intend to do these projects.  More of a reminder to myself of things I want to do.

Future Sewing Projects

  1. Butterick 5709 top (use gray & white lacy knit)
  2. Simplicity 1881 short to long dress (use brown/white/gold stripey knit)
  3. Pirate pajamas
  4. Sly Cooper costume for DragonCon 2013 ??
  5. Fix Cthulu bag
  6. McCalls 6119 halter tunic (use blue modern knit)
  7. Fitted Tablecloth
  8. Butterick 4861 (work pants view D with gray fabric)
  9. Simplicity 1804 (View D or E with twist halter, use big floral knit print)
  10. McCalls 6165 tunic (View C, with stripey knit)  *Used this fabric, but switched patterns to Simplicity 3750.
  11. Butterick 4989 (A out of the sheer floral, E tank out of the white)  *Used this fabric,but switched to McCall’s 6165
  12. Simplicity 2666 (View A with shiny black and turquoise, View B with white and blue floral)
  13. Butterick 5642 (Black, white and yellow rayon with white inset)
  14. Butterick 4989 (View D with sheer purple floral)
  15. McCalls 6477 (View C, might use these fabrics, might not)
  16. Winter / Ice Fairy costume for DragonCon 2012 (no fabric yet)
  17. Photo Quilt(s) (no photo below)

Other Miscellaneous Craft Projects

  1. Christmas Frame Trays
  2. Holiday Baking
  3. DIY Snowglobes
  4. Iced Branches
  5. Tree Decorating
  6. Ornament Making
  7. Wreath making

I don’t have pictures of any of those at this point, but when I do, you’ll see them here! 🙂  Frankly, I’ll be lucky to get half of the Christmas craft list done this year.

I probably should get cracking on some of this stuff.  I think the first thing I’ll be working on is number 8, as Elizabeth and I have decided to sew pants together sometime soon.


1 comment for “The What-I’m-Gonna-Sew-Next List

  1. November 5, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Your #10 is also somewhere on my to-do list. I was looking at my stash yesterday too, trying to decide which fabric I can use to make pants. Still not sure. Must resist Hancock. Oh, and I like the sound of “holiday baking” on your miscellaneous list!


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