Another Line …

… to stand in on Black Friday?  Yes.

… to cross of my project to do list?  Yes.

I am not sure why I like shopping on Black Friday.  I think it kind of signals the start of the Christmas holidays, and even if I am going shopping by myself, it’s still a tradition in which I have to participate.  I’m never interested in whatever the crazy deals are on TVs or electronics.  I’m just trying to find gifts for friends and family and prices that make me feel like I am getting a deal.

I went to Hancock (of course), AC Moore, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Best Buy.  Ironically, the place where I had the “worst” experience was Hancock.  It opened at 6 am.  I was there by 6:20.  It didn’t appear any more crowded than usual, although there was already a line for cutting.  The biggest problem to my eyes was that there were no available carts.  The Hancock near me does not have a lot of carts to begin with, but I was frustrated.  I had a few Christmas gift projects that I planned to buy fabric for, and I was going to need to carry a decent number of bolts to the cutting line if I didn’t have  cart.  I checked back at the front for carts to appear as people left, but no joy.  Which is how I wound up standing in this line:

With this stack of fabric bolts sitting on the floor next to me:

The line wasn’t horrible really, but there were only two ladies working the store at the beginning.  And they had to cut AND check people out.  And understandably everyone was buying quite a few things, since the deals and prices were good.  I saw a lady wandering the store with a Walmart shopping cart piled high with bolts (there is a Walmart in the same shopping center and I am guessing she wanted a cart very badly … I was a little jealous of her ingenuity on that one).  I also saw a lady walk up to the other side of the cutting counter, and when the store employees asked her what she needed, she said “Cutting.”  They pointed her to the line, as she spouted some comments about how she didn’t understand what the line was for.  There was a SIGN pointing to the line.  And clearly everyone else was standing there with their bolts to look pretty, right?  Oye.

Anyway, I left with a bunch of cotton prints for some gift projects, 2.5 yards of a knit that was NOT on sale (but I had a 50% off coupon for it – yay) for a tunic someday, and two different flannel prints for future pajama pants (flannel was $1.69 a yard!).

In other news, I can now scratch McCall’s 6477 off my project list.  I did View C, and worked on this Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Not a long project really.  I was unsure if the case in View C would fit an iPad, but upon measuring, it can indeed.  The only real change I made to this project was that I did not use “fusible fleece” as the envelope suggested.  In fact, I had no idea that such a thing existed.  But seeing as I had some batting leftover from Project Breyna, I decided to just use that and spend the extra time basting these pieces down.

The pattern was not too bad as patterns go.  It looked lengthy at the beginning, but it looks longer than it really takes.  The worst parts?

1)  Near the beginning, despite the color coding for right sides and wrong sides of the fabric, I still really had to seriously think about pinning pieces properly to make the first outer pocket.  In fact, I had it pinned wrong.  I have pictures to prove it, but will not show them so as not to confused people 😛  Below is the CORRECT way to pin the outside pocket pieces.

2)  On the corners of the bag, it was not clear to me how this step of the instructions would work.  Once I started sewing things together, however, things made a lot more sense.  This was a very clever and happy way of sewing corners on a bag, so fear not!

3)  At the very end of the pattern, when I was sewing the lining together, I forgot to leave an opening for turning.  Lining frightens me and I have messed it up plenty of times previously.  The instructions actually tell you to do it, I just did not read carefully.  I caught myself early and seam ripped the lining so that I could turn the final product.  I did not take pictures of this error and fix, so just be careful at the end.  Don’t get so excited that you are not going to make a Cthulu bag that you do silly things like misread instructions.

In terms of the strap, the process to make it is easy, but if you are like me and do not enjoy a diagonal over the shoulder strap, just reduce the length of the strap and let the bag be a single shoulder one.  It was confusing as well trying to get the strap twisted (or untwisted) properly when sewing it to the bag.  Ultimately I feel like I have an extra twist in mine, but only time will tell how much it annoys me.

I was also not happy with the process for sewing the button on the front flap of the bag.  The velcro was sewn on first, and then it was in the way and I couldn’t use the machine to attach the button.  Next time I might machine stitch the button to the top of the flap and attach the velcro to the bottom side of the flap prior to stitching the flap together.  If you do follow the pattern instructions, do NOT use a color that stands out as the one to attach your velcro.  I did this, and won’t do it again.

There is a lot of top-stitching involved in this project, but it looks very good at the end.  I recommend using contrasting threads for any top-stitching you do.

In the end, I was very pleased with myself for not making another Cthulu Bag.


4 comments for “Another Line …

  1. November 26, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Very cute bag. I’m glad you were able to brave the Hancock crowd for some good deals on fabric. I spent my morning yesterday sorting out projects to complete. Soooo many projects to complete…

    • jadesabre9
      November 26, 2012 at 9:23 am

      Yeah, I know the feeling. But for some reason I keep adding more to my list. I blame Christmas as not all of them are sewing ones.

  2. November 26, 2012 at 9:17 am

    I avoided the shopping, thinking that I would behave, but the sale emails kept taunting me! I love your bag, that is adorable!

    • jadesabre9
      November 26, 2012 at 9:23 am

      Good for you avoiding the sales … I should have seeing my fabric backlog, but alas.


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