Christmas Crafting Strikes Back

I believe I mentioned a few weeks ago that my Christmas spirit is in overdrive this year.

I spent some time a couple weeks ago gluing crystal shards onto some branches to make some pretty “iced” branches, and turn the branches into a part of a to be determined Christmas decoration.  Well I added the branches to a green bucket, some cool white LED lights, white pine cones, and gold ornament spheres.  It still looked incomplete, so I added gold and red glittery fronds, some gold berries, a few snowflakes, and a red feathery bird.  This is what happened. Left is the somewhat pitiful state that made me realize it needed more, the right side is the finished project that I am happy with.

I have enough things to make a second one of these, but admittedly I am stalling a bit as the floors in my house are still awaiting replacement (hopefully that will be this week or early next … I am ready for that ordeal to be over with), and frankly, I don’t look forward to coating the branches with more crystal beads.  They look very nice when done, but just enough hassle to make me not look forward to it.

I have done some other decorating, things that do not sit on my floor mainly.  Such as the “mantle” … not really, but close enough.

Pay no attention to my dining room table and bookcase moved all over and the lack of floor.  The Christmas stockings hanging were made by my mom and I a few years ago.  I did the cross stitching, she did the sewing because at the time, the idea of sewing was somewhat more terrifying than it is now.  I actually did a technical writing project in college creating instructions for making the Christmas stockings, and I think mom photocopied them for me.  Perhaps I will locate them and post them here for you all to see.

Oh, and here is another minor bit of decorating I have done.

I kind of like the weird slant the curtains give to some of the ornaments 🙂  I do not like the slant I gave to the HoHoHo block, but alasI am too lazy to redo it.  Maybe next year it will be straighter.

Another random thing I have worked on is the below two wall hangings. I spray painted the frames with a matte red paint.  Both pieces behind the glass are made from scraps and quilting squares, I drew and cut the ornament pieces and the ribbon pieces, then zigzag stitched each of the appliques down quickly with the machine.  This project is similar to the Halloween tray project we did back in October, only no handles, I stitched instead of glued fabric down, and the glass stayed on the inside of the frame.  Glitter glue was used for the lettering.

Now being a human factors engineer, I am very aware that the readability of the larger frame (left) is poor – it is trying to say “Dashing through the SNOW”.

I can explain (sort of).

1)  The glitter was calling me.  I had to do it.

2)  That reindeer fabric was adorable and it had to go on display somewhere in my house.

The perfectionist in me may decide to “fix” this one.  Glue or stitch some SOLID pieces over the print and writing to make it better somehow.  Only time will tell.  But … aren’t the reindeer adorable?!?!  I found this in the scrap bin and was very sad that the store did not have more of it.  Even The Google let me down on this one.  The more I look at it the more I am certain it is going to get fixed.  It pains me to look at the unreadable cute reindeer.

I have been working on a couple other things that I can’t talk about yet.  And there will be at least one more post with some of the crafty things I have not finished yet, including the tree.  If I ever get floors.


2 comments for “Christmas Crafting Strikes Back

  1. November 29, 2012 at 8:24 am

    You will get floors! And soon, I hope. Your house is still looking quite festive, floors or not. I finished decorating my tree last night, but was in no mood to take pictures. I’m going to try to post it soon.

    Oh, and I’m really digging that red bird in your first craft. Very nicely done, my friend.

    • jadesabre9
      November 29, 2012 at 9:51 am

      I am jealous of your tree. Stupid floors. 😛 But thanks!


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