Guild Wars 2 Musings

Once again my lack of posting stems from a revitalization of interest in online gaming, particularly Guild Wars 2.  So I thought I would relate my post for this week to that.
Things I am liking with Guild Wars 2:
1)  The automatic down leveling to an appropriate level when you enter a low level zone.  It makes it fun to go back and do all the zones you missed leveling up.  I never really enjoyed just killing things easily in other MMOs when I was 60 levels above them.
2)  The World vs World feels more like old school Alterac Valley from WoW, which I always really enjoyed.  I like that, and see myself actually doing some PvP in this game now that I am 80.
3)  It’s free to play.  My interests and time constraints have changed enough lately that I am super glad I don’t have to pay a subscription fee for this.  Now I don’t feel guilty if (when) I take a break from it.  Most games are free to play these days (Blizzard, you are behind the times …), but having paid for MMOs for years, I am still happy about it.
4)  The Auction House system is neat.  I like how it works and that they provide access to it from quite a few places within the world.  It doesn’t let you sell items for anything less than what the vendors will buy them for, and it allows you to choose how you put up your items for sale – you can match the lowest bid, sell immediately versus auction it off, or a few other options.
5)  World dragon spawns … I don’t have to go do a crazy 20 man raid to get loot.  I can just show up in a zone and help a bunch of people kill a dragon.  Pretty awesome!
6)  You can join multiple guilds.  I am a loyalist to my tiny guild of The Inn Mates, which has traveled to every game I ever played.  But we are not uber, and some of our members need a little bit more.  In this game, you can be a member of more than one guild at a time for those who are interested in venturing outside of our tiny little crew.
7)  Crafting is fun.  And harvesting for crafting is fun.  Every player can harvest every node, there is no racing to see who gets their first.  And it is great experience to spend time crafting.  I particularly enjoy the discovery mode.
8)  Felicia Day(of The Guild fame) is the voice of Zojja, the main Asuran character!  Go Go Girl Gamer Geek POWAH!
9)  The Skritt!  Oh how I wish they were a playable race, loving their shinies with their cute little voices 🙂  I am so pleased with these rat people in every way, even though they are all NPCs.
10)  Transmutation of armor and gear looks.  I have been able to keep my very cool Steampunk monocle look that I got from level 1, all the way to level 80.  LOVE.
11)  It’s silly, but I love the armor dye capabilities – I can change the colors and to a certain extent the appearance of what my characters wear both in battle and out.  It’s a lot easier to be invested in your characters when you are happy with how they look, since they represent you in some way.
Things I am not liking with Guild Wars 2:
1)  The way they make you split stacks of items in your inventory.  I believe it is done by holding ALT and then selecting and dragging the stack to an empty inventory space.  This is not intuitive, not standard compared to other MMOs, and I find myself always forgetting how and having to relearn.
2)  The amount of default inventory.  There is not enough.  This is a great money making plan for them because people will pay for it, but man.
3)  Also related to inventory, cooking materials take up TOO MUCH of it.  So many things that you make can also be ingredients for more recipes.  If it is an ingredient for a recipe, please please please please please let me put it in my “Collections” area under cooking.  I suspect there are other trade skills that would like a similar feature, but this is the one I do most frequently.
4)  Let me stack more things together in inventory.  More sickles, mining tools, and axes.  More salvage kits.  Inventory space is at a premium!
5)  Underwater combat.  It is done fairly well, at least as well as WoW did in the cataclysm expansion.  But it still feels like I am less effective fighting underwater than I am on land.  And its just disorienting having that third dimension of motion.  I dislike it greatly.
6)  Server transfers are a PITA.  My guild just transferred because we were on a very low population server and we wanted a higher one, mostly for PvP to be interesting.  From all my reading of forums and such, it sounds like they put a cap on the number of account that can live on a server, and once a server hits full, no one else can transfer there.  Thankfully if you are patient enough, you can wait out the full server and inevitably someone will transfer off or for some inexplicable reason the cap will raise.  I think eight of us have successfully transferred now, so it can be done.
Clearly my dislikes list is shorter than my likes list which is always a good thing.  I’m sure I’ll eventually have another bout of not playing, but with a handful of Inn Mates playing the game these days, I am just enjoying it while it lasts! 🙂  We’re playing on Tarnished Coast, and I thought I’d show you some pictures of virtual me.
I have several character names that have come with me throughout my MMO lifetime.  My very first MMO character was Tyraenna Dawnkeeper, a paladin back from the original Everquest.  In each game since then, Tyr is some tanky sort of class, human with red hair, so in Guild Wars 2, she is a Guardian who loves flinging either a 2 handed sword around or foisting a one handed sword and a torch!
Another name that has not been there since the beginning, but is sentimental enough that it gets carried around through other games is Breyna (yes, of Project Breyna).  My WoW version of her was one of my longest stints in any MMO.  I try to make her a stunty race of some flavor with black hair and pigtails.  The Guild Wars 2 version of Breyna has a last name (Sprocklemink) and gets the bonus of looking nice and steampunk with her pistols and engineering gadgets (her class is Engineer)!
I guess that is it on Guild Wars 2.  While no sewing has been done of late, my mind has been in overdrive thinking about potential costumes for DragonCon.  I would love to make a costume of Guild Wars 2 Breyna for DragonCon, but my makeup skills are not likely up to the task.  The name of her race is Asuran; it reminds me of a cross between gnomes and goblins from WOW, but looks a bit like Ratchet.  I’m probably a bit too tall for an Asuran costume, but I might do it anyway, who knows when a crazy whim will strike me.  Regardless, I have two ideas that I am fairly set on, and I am considering some kind of add on to last year’s Steampunk costume.
In other news, I have actually cut the fabric for a new dress.  I am planning to begin this soon, using my new dress form I got for Christmas from my hubby.  However, with the new year’s resolution to make myself constantly hungry and sore (read: dieting), I want to be happy with the fit of this dress a few months down the road.  I do have a sewing night planned this month, so sewing WILL be done.
Well, this is a long post; bet you all are right sick of me, huh?  Till next time!

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