Once Upon a Game Night

My husband and I host game nights from time to time with various friends.  Game nights come in all shapes and sizes and types, just like the games themselves.  Most nights we have 6-10 people, though our rental house barely fits that many.  At that point, you pretty much have to have multiple games going as very few can handle that many at one time.  This past weekend we had a smaller game night with one other couple, with a goal of teaching them some of our more nerd-tastic strategy games.

Though Saturday is our day off from the dieting, we had discussed a healthy dinner of grilled chicken with Sean and Tiffany (the friends who came over) and planned on that.  Then on Friday night I received a text saying that we needed to make meatloaf cupcakes for lunch on Saturday, and the whole healthy plan went out the window.  I had been planning non-healthy snacks anyway.  So our menu for the day included:

Meatloaf cupcakes, wrapped in bacon, with mashed potato “icing”

Taco cups

Buffalo chicken spring rolls (these were actually only 3 pts each on Weight Watchers Points Plus, in case you care …)

Monster cookie dough dip (we used pretzels to dip in it)

Here is a picture of the savory munchies, though the spring rolls are in progress, not after they were cooked.


Those of you who know me, understand that it is hard to feed my husband and still eat like a normal human being – he’s a very picky eater.  The taco cups were something I knew he’d like.  The chicken wraps were something I knew he’d hate.  The meatloaf could go either way – I made one without onions (with the toothpick), and he did not want his mashed potatoes on top of the cupcake.  I think the verdict on that was “Eh” from him, though the rest of us loved them.

We started off with a game of Ascension, which Sean and Tiffany brought over.  We don’t own it, but wanted to learn.  It was pretty fun; I think I liked it best out of the deck building games I have played (such as Dominion, Thunderstone, etc).

Oh!  I forgot to mention that Sean and Tiffany brought a surprise – Skittles vodka!  I’m not sure what it says about us that our friends know alcohol is a perfect surprise to bring, but it definitely was.  Before this, we had two experiences with Skittles vodka, one where it was awesome and one where it was not.  This third experience was awesome.  We did make the mistake of starting to drink the vodka fairly early in the afternoon … my guess would be like 4ish.  By 7:30, during our second game of the night, I very distinctly remember feeling like we were in a time warp – Tiffany and I could not believe it was so early.


Speaking of our second game, we played Zombicide.  Jesse purchased this on Kickstarter, and received the game back in September.  It is fun, a light version of a dungeon crawler type game with zombies.  We spent a day playing it back when we got it, but hadn’t broken it out since, so it was good fun to play again.  I have to say that the game is hardest with 4 people playing (it can handle up to 6).  It is cooperative, but as you level up the zombie hordes get bigger and more challenging to defeat.  I am proud to say that my character on roller skates thought to be a hero and go pick up one of our objectives since the hordes were getting crazy … but I miscalculated and left her surrounded by zombies on 3 of 4 sides.  So I certainly brought doom upon myself and the rest of my team.  Ooops.  I’m not sure how long we played this one (plus that alcohol time warp had me confused…), but I think it was a good 4 hours or so.  The below picture must have been taken earlier in the evening as the zombies are few and it is still light outside through the open backdoor.


We played another card game, Dominion, after that.  Dominion allows you to pick 10 random stacks of cards to play with, and this particular randomization resulted in a mess.  It was a pretty miserable round, and nobody wanted to play again afterwards, hah.  Too many seahags and swindlers.

So what did we do in the end?

Played Guild Wars 2.  Sean and Tiffany had brought computers and we all sat around doing world vs world until we were too tired to keep going.  I think this was around 1-1:30 am.  I blame the alcohol for the somewhat early end. 🙂  But it was a good night!


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