Epic Saturday Sewathon

Last Saturday afternoon I hosted my first sewing day in 2013 🙂  We had quite a good group of folks … I can barely believe there are so many of us that sew and craft around here!  And so many of the ladies who hung out this weekend are associated with Sparc, too!  The only bummer was that Elizabeth was not feeling well and didn’t make it to the event.

Since 7-8 people would never fit in the sewing room upstairs, I brought several tables and chairs and such downstairs.  We had a group using the dining room table, another small table in the living room, and a longer folding table in the master bedroom (which is just off our dining room).  I setup the ironing board and iron for everyone’s use and made sure we had extra power and extension cords.  Sure it could have been easier in a house with a bit more space, but all in all I think it worked out well.  We were all able to socialize easily, the food and drink was nearby, and dogs only snuck up on people from under the couch blankets once or twice.  It was too much for my husband who decided after about 4 or 5 women in his video game space that he was gonna go see a movie.

The Cast of Characters

My virtual sewing buddy, Amanda, finally was able to make it to one of the sewing get togethers!  I love emailing with this lady, but boy was I glad to have her hang out with us this time!  We have the same sewing machine, and she showed quite a few of us how to use the automatic needle threader – technology is amazing, huh?  She also had on a super cute owl sweater.  Her project for the day was beginning work on a princess dress for her 3 year old 🙂  She makes some super cute outfits for her daughter, and I’m sure this one will be just as fabulous!


Tiffany came to hang out as well.  She’s not a seamstress (yet!), so she brought along her scrapbooking supplies and worked on her book for her daughters (remember the ones I made costumes for back around Halloween?).  Tiffany is an excellent partner in crime for game nights and Guild Wars and drinking … yes, we broke out the wine while sewing and crafting.  Dangerous, right?  But fun for sure!  Here she is in the zone with her page layouts, pictures, stickers, and fancy scissors!


Liz is a sewing group veteran.  I think we’ve been sewing together for around a year at this point; we met through Elizabeth since they used to work together.  I was super glad her studies didn’t keep her away from the fun this weekend, so that she could work on this cute skirt, made from a Colette pattern.  Liz goes the distance and make muslin mockups of many of her garments, and it definitely pays off for her.  She completed a mockup Saturday.  I’ll be taking a page out of her book when I get to my fairy costume and make a muslin before I get to a real corset.


Juliet is another frequenter of game nights.  She’s the best spades partner I’ve ever played with, and frequently makes super secret fruity drinks when we are over at her place hanging out!  She recently acquired a sewing machine from her husband for Christmas (the same machine as mine and Amanda’s actually), and is already off and running.  She made a cute pillow this Saturday as well as her first bag (WAY better than my first bag that resembles Cthulu!) – and she did it all with no cursing!  I was impressed … maybe if she comes around sewing night more often, her skills will start rubbing off on me!


Sally has been to several other sewing nights, including our dog blanket charity night.  When she isn’t sewing, she’s mastering scrums, trying to keep herself from falling into fire pits, or chasing after her twin 5 year old boys.  She is a fan of quilting, and decided to work on her t-shirt quilt this weekend.  I don’t know how she works with all that fabric … maybe the wine helped?  My husband and I have also gamed with Sally and her hubby.


Kelly has been knitting and sewing at these gatherings for a while now.  Saturday she knitted a hat, though when she is sewing, its frequently to work on a costume for a convention which I can always appreciate.  She is a big fan of bloomers and pantalettes.  We are currently plotting fairy costumes for DragonCon this year, along with Tiffany who plans to attend as well!



As for me, I worked on furthering my sundress that I have been working on.  I’m going to blame the wine because I didn’t not get as far as I wished due to some extra reliance on Fred.  He ripped quite a few stitches on Saturday.  Also, there was a good bit of confusion surrounding Steps 29 and 30 of the Simplicity 1881 pattern instructions.  Grunt.

As usual, there were dog antics.  Talon seemed to feel a bit left out and wanted to sew with us.



We did a potluck for food and wound up with quite a smorgasbord of things, including deviled eggs, pineapple glazed hamballs, 5 layer greek dip, paleo meatballs, nutella brownies, nutella cookies, cupcakes, and cheese straws.  I’m so glad Saturday is cheat day for the diet, cause it was all quite delicious.


I took a ton of pictures, including some group shots.  Here is a nice one of everybody.



And a goofy fun shot.


It was a fun filled afternoon with much ironing …



sewing …



quilting …



… as well as drinking, eating, chatting, cursing, and learning!  Thanks, ladies, for what was certainly one of the more epic sewing and crafting afternoons yet!


4 comments for “Epic Saturday Sewathon

  1. Juliet
    January 28, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Yay! I had a great time, Jen! Thanks for hosting. It was nice meeting all you ladies! I’m definitely in for future sewing days.

    • Tyraenna
      January 28, 2013 at 9:29 am

      Glad you had fun 🙂 You’re a sewing natural!!

  2. January 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    I hate that I missed all the fun! I love your group pictures. I’m looking forward to the next sewing day.

    • Tyraenna
      January 28, 2013 at 9:19 pm

      We missed you too!


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