Dreaming Up A Wintry (Fairy) Wonderland

With my sundress done and ready for the approaching warm weather, I decided it was time to revel in the wonders of “winter” (hard to call it winter when you live on the coast of SC) and attempt to channel some of that energy into my upcoming fairy costume.  I am hoping to begin my corset this weekend, but this week, I got the urge to work on a few accessories.

I don’t know how other costumers work, but for me as costumes take shape in my mind, I get images and glimpses of various parts of the costume as well as an overall picture of the look.  I should probably start sketching out all of these images, but I tend to get so excited to work on things that I never do.  This costume is no different.

I decided I would work on both a crown / headpiece and a necklace.    Here are a few bits that I acquired to build such items.  A wintry looking pendant, some icicle ornaments (on sale!), some crystal beads in clear icy colors as well as some light wintry blues.  And some bits for making the connections.  I intended the icicles to be used on various parts of this costume, both the necklace and the crown, and possibly the wings or some danglies (technical term) that I envision for over the skirt.  Not pictured are some other clear crystal beads in fancy drop shapes, snowflake shapes, and simple round shapes.


The crown was meant to be a trial for a method I intend to use on one of my wing concepts later.  I found some long dried grass in the floral section of Michael’s recently, and thought that it might make a good substitute for whatever material made these wings.


My goal with wings similar to these is to turn them into iced over tree branches, probably using hot glue.  So I thought to myself, the grass may work for something like this if I use hot glue to shape it, since it dries very quickly.  Hence my trial with the crown.  Below are my crown base materials.


I intend to spray paint the grass after shaping with some silver and/or white paint.  I measured my head, grabbed a small set of grass strands and chopped them to a length just slightly larger than my head circumference measurement.  I also cut a second set of strands to the same length, figuring that I would need to place a handful with the bottom of the grass on both ends of the crown, else one side might be stronger or thicker than the other.  I tied the bundles of grass together, and then bent them into an almost circle.  I tied the two ends of the almost circle together as best I could so that it would hold shape while I covered the grass in hot glue.


The picture on the left is the shaping prior to any glue.  I was able to arrange all the frisky strands around the curve so that they were held in by the glue.  As I was gluing, I grabbed three small (about 3″) icicle ornaments, removed the twine from the ends, and wedged them into three different spots on the crown.  From there I added more glue, trying to stabilize them so they wouldn’t move.

My glue plan worked pretty well – the crown is solid and fits my head nicely – though I am not sure how willing I am to deal with this method on a larger scale to build the wings.  I will have to put masking tape over the icicles when I spray paint the crown.  I’m going to withhold judgement on this method for the wings until I paint the crown, as I think the hot glue will look effective as ice, but I do not really want to have quite so much ice on the wings as I have here.  Or at least less random ice.  If the glue fades into the paint well, and can still be seen if I put coats of glue on after the paint, then maybe I’ll move forward on that.

Also, please don’t think this crown is complete.  It is very sad looking how it is right now, I know.  It will be so much more glorious when I finish with it.

Onto the necklace.  I have a lot less to say about this process.  I knew a lot about what I envisioned in my head, and I pretty much laid it out in beads on my table.  I did two slightly different versions.


I didn’t put these together yet as I realized I have the wrong kind of wire right now.  Amazon will be correcting that soon, however.  I may need some more filler beads on the various strands.  Part of me wants more icicles, but I can’t have it hanging too low either.  The main strand of the necklace will be choker height with the rest dangling lower.  Thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?


4 comments for “Dreaming Up A Wintry (Fairy) Wonderland

  1. February 8, 2013 at 11:17 am

    I love the second version of your necklace. I see your point about it not being too low, and I definitely get the temptation to add more icicles. Will you have bare arms in this costume? Maybe you could do some kind of crazy, dangly icicle bracelet. Or even an “icy” cuff of some sort.

    • Tyraenna
      February 8, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      I like the idea of the armlets … whether they are bracelets or upper arm bands, I will have to decide. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

  2. February 8, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Also, the more I type the word “icicles,” the weirder it looks to me. Why is that?

    • Tyraenna
      February 8, 2013 at 1:09 pm

      I hate when that happens!


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