A Successful Revision

I don’t have a lot to report today.

I had no success on a run to Hancock in search of appropriate fabric for my corset.  I have a nice brocade for part of it, but was not happy with the shades of satin for the rest of it.  At least I haven’t made the mockup yet, huh?

I did buy a Simplicity pattern for $1 while I was at Hancock.  It was my least expensive trip to the fabric store ever!

Aside from the corset, I plan to cut fabric for 2 tops in the near future.

I did make some changes to the necklace for the fairy costume.  The old necklace is on the left, the new version on the right.


I am much happier with the new version of the necklace.  You’ll see in the picture below that it is possible for the icicles to angle themselves a little bit, but it is not nearly as pronounced as it was the first time.  I also acquired some additional small crystal blue beads, which I integrated into the main strand of the necklace.


It is also more of a choker style necklace now, a lot less of a v-shape in front, which is what I wanted.  And while I didn’t get both teardrop pieces incorporated, I still managed to keep one.

The only other bit of news that I have is that I wore my Simplicity 1881 sundress to dinner with my hubby on Valentine’s Day, and I remembered to take a picture (well, a better picture than my crazy ballet pose one)!  Loved the way my cowboy boots looked with the dress, too.


That’s it for now … very little to ramble on about today 🙂  Cheers!


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