Well Prepared? Or Just Crazy?

Before I start telling you about the new levels of costuming obsession that I have reached, I want to tie up a loose end from not too long ago.

I made a second version of Simplicity 3750 for my friend.  This time I did View E, which was a tank top instead of the fluttery sleeve caps I had on mine.  I did make a few modifications to the way I put the pattern together this time.  I was happy with the modifications that I made, but I STILL despise the side seams and stitching around the sash part.  Ugh.  Regardless, here is the finished product – which came out pretty great!  I love her fabric choices, both linen!


And now returning to your regularly scheduled costuming obsession …

Recently, as you know, I finished part one of the fairy costume.  Well, I suppose this was technically the first finished piece … Anyway, this victory over the corset got me super excited about more of the costume.

So I decided to start thinking about the skirt.  This involved a bit of a drapery and pinning session with Deirdre.


I need to do this over again; as you can tell the skirt is currently over the corset, and should probably sit lower on my waist.  In general, I intend for the skirt to have more tendrils and jagged edges, but I hope to keep the shapes.  Base layer will be silver satin, outer layer that pale blue.  You can’t see it well above, but there is a layer of sheer white organza with crystals on it, and strands of that will be included.  The bunched silver pick-up piece will be both separate (probably safety pinned on so that it can go over the corset) and will include a layer of sheer fabric with silver snowflakes on it (not pictured above).  I wanted a fabric beneath the sheer snowflake one so that you can see the design on it better.

After I got my skirt planning taken care of, I had ideas for makeup running through my head.  Four months before DragonCon is certainly not too early to do a practice makeup run, right?

Feel free to laugh at my excessive early costuming, but honestly, if you are going to laugh at something, it should probably be the next photos I’m going to share.  And these were the “good” ones.  I still don’t feel like I captured a picture that looked like what my face looked like … what I saw in the mirror looked better, even though that statement sounds like the plea of a deranged costumer.  The face tilt was me trying to better capture the light.  I failed a lot.


There is an abundance of problems with this makeup, but that is why we practice I suppose.  Things I will do differently in round 2, whenever that is, include:

  • Probably no base white cake makeup.  I want to see if I can pull off the wintry look without looking like death, and my husband fairly appropriately pointed out that a fairy should probably have some hint of liveliness to her, winter or summer.  Also if I paint my face white, I will probably have to paint my arms and shoulders and neck white, and that sounds like a hassle.
  • I want to add some ice crystals somehow, and maybe more snowflakes.
  • I used latex to raise one of the swirls and the snowflake before I painted them on my cheek.  Not sure if that was worth the time.
  • More shimmer.  I have quite a few sparkly eye colors and such, but I feel like I need more shimmer involved in this makeup.  And possibly more glitter.
  • Need to find a solution to the white paint on my eyelids … it was heavy and cracking and would not probably look good or be comfortable for 8 hours of wear.
  • I like the silver lipstick, but might want to consider a light blue.

I have had some thoughts on my wings and on my hair and crown for this costume as well, but I will save those musings for a different post.  I welcome any suggestions folks may have on skirt, makeup, or the winter fairy costume in general!



2 comments for “Well Prepared? Or Just Crazy?

  1. May 9, 2013 at 9:44 am

    I love that you’re such a meticulous planner. I’m also very excited about your costumes this year! I think this winter fairy will be your best yet. Can’t wait to do some hairstyle experiments with you.

    • Tyraenna
      May 9, 2013 at 10:13 am

      I can’t wait to try out hairstyles either! Hope my hair is long enough for something cool 😉


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