Baking Interlude

That’s right, no sewing post today.  Why?  Because I am hopefully sitting on a beach somewhere in Mexico with a drink in hand not thinking about my blog 🙂

However, I did recently bake something fun that I thought I would do a short post on.  I haven’t done much baking or food posting of late, so here ya go!

I found this pin on Pinterest, from a blog called  And a friend recently had a birthday, so I decided to try it out, with some small modifications.


I mean, what is not to like about red velvet cake and delicious Oreo truffle filling, covered in chocolate glaze?  Nothing I say!

I followed her recipe exactly, except I filled two cupcake pans with the batter.  And then I took them out of the oven too early and they sunk a bit, but I never claimed to be great at baking.  Like to do it, but if you want a cake made well, you should really go see my friend, Suzanne.  Although you’ll have to wait a bit, she is with me in Mexico and the only baking she is doing is either (a) laying in the sun or (b) “getting baked” off the fruity drinks they are serving at the resort.

I cut the tops off the sunken cupcakes anyway, since I decided to combine two cupcakes together for each mini-cake.  Hey, the oreo truffle filling had to go somewhere.



The filling is cream cheese and crushed oreos.  I mixed them in a food processor, and then spread the filling onto the sides of the cupcakes that I sliced the unevenness off.

After making the chocolate glaze, I drizzled it over all the cupcakes, and topped them with miniature chocolate chips.  I bet I should’ve added some sprinkles for fun and maybe a little color.  White ones.  Anyway, these mini cakes were quite tasty, I would definitely make this yumminess again 🙂  I think it was a hit with the birthday girl too!



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