Bioshock Infinite Part 5: Completed Corset

I have just one tiny bit left on my corset.  I’m even going to call it completed.  The last thing is to put black satin bias tape on the top and bottom edges of the left corset piece.  The right one is already done.  However, I am traveling for the 4th of July weekend (Happy Birthday, America!) and have no sewing machine, so that will get finished when I return home.

Even though this was my third time making a corset in the last 3 or 4 months, it was still no cakewalk.  I told you a bit about the modifications I had to make for this costume’s corset last time.  Now I’m gonna tell you about a few issues I had putting it together.

1)  The brocade I used for the outer fabric was fraytastic.  I swore I wouldn’t spend time fray checking it, and I regretted that decision.  As I put the outer pieces together, my sewing machine tried multiple times to eat the fabric.  Just while I was straight stitching!  Ugh.  If you ever question the efficacy of Fray Check, use it anyway.


2)  After I got all the outer pieces together, I went upstairs to press my seams, and as I pulled up the iron on one seam, this happened.  I wanted to die.  Instead, I used my rotary cutter and sliced the panel out along the seamlines, and then stitched in a new panel.  I tried to adjust  for the change my using smaller seam allowances on the second panel.  The fix worked, but I really hope none of the other seams decide to rip.


3)  When I stitched the layers of my corset together along the final piece of black bias tape, the outside corset piece and the inside corset piece were even.  However, on one of the corset sides, as I stitched in the boning channels, the outside piece of brocade started to cruve around to the inside of the corset.  In other words, the satin on the inside was pulling it in.  To fix this, I wound up folding and tucking the outer layer into itself underneath a piece of bias tape.  Then I stitched the boning channel over the folded fabric.  The net result is that (a) you can’t see the modification though it is a bit thicker than the other boning channels, (b) I had to insert the spiral steel boning between the middle and inner layers instead of the outer and middle layers, and (c) this side of my corset is now about an inch smaller than the other side.  Thankfully, this problem will only show in the back, if at all.

Since I have finished one side of the corset, I can show you what it looks like with the bias tape on the top and bottom.  The inside (left picture) while still a bit more “gathering” from the feed dogs than I would like, is much cleaner than the corset I made for the fairy costume.  The three pieces of fabric lined up much nicer, there are no edges showing since they all managed to fit underneath the bias tape.


If you look at Elizabeth’s corset, she has a bit of a lacy looking white edge at the top of her corset.  I bought the trim and will probably add this on at the end as well.  In the meantime, here is the pretty much finished garment, complete with grommets.


At the same time that I bought the trim for the corset, I bought some fabric for Jesse’s vest piece, and the other fixings I needed for his costume.  Currently trying to decide between using a nice olive green suede fabric for the vest and a slightly darker olive green corduroy.  The Booker part of this costuming project begins soon! 😀


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  1. July 5, 2013 at 10:55 am

    It looks fantastic, my friend! I would have cried and cried when I saw that rip. Congrats to you for dealing with it so well.


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