Ice Fairy Shoes

I recently found this pin on Pinterest, and thought to myself, “Gosh, that would be a great basis for some shoes for my ice fairy costume.”

So I ordered a pair of nice comfortable white Nike flip flops from Amazon.  I wanted them to be comfy since I would be walking around a convention all day.  And I went to Jo Ann’s and bought some white polyester knit fabric that I could use for an ankle wrap / tie.


It took me no time at all to get the fabric knotted around the v part of the flip flop.  Then, instead of wrapping the fabric around the rest of the v, I opted to stitch the fabric around the sides of the v.  I don’t really like the resulting poofy look, but I am certain I can hand stitch or something to tighten it up.  Mental note – it was not easy to stitch this in the machine with so much flip flop attached … be careful!

I had a garland of stretchy netting and crystals, including snowflakes, that I bought a while ago.  I had been planning to use it as part of my fairy skirt, but I opted not to.  I decided to cut up the garland and tack it down to the fabric near the heels of the flip flop and at the ends of the fabric.  Just tacking it down rather than stitching up the whole length of fabric allowed the fabric to maintain its stretch, which is important for the ankle wrap tie to stay on your calf.  Viola!


As you can see, I added a snowflake brooch to the v of the flip flop.  I like that addition, but have to get another  brooch for the other foot, hah.  Here are the shoes from a different angle.  In this shot I tightened the fabric around the front of my foot on the one with the snowflake.  It looks much better this way, I think.


I considered foot jewelry, to match my shoulder jewelry, but I feel like I need shoes for a convention (foot jewelry seems to require bare feet), and adding the foot jewelry to these strappy sandals seemed like overkill.   What do you think?  Does it fit with the rest of the fairy motif I am going for?


2 comments for “Ice Fairy Shoes

  1. July 17, 2013 at 8:01 am

    This is neat! I would have chosen flats instead of flip-flops, which I now realize would have made me look like a ballet dancer instead of a fairy! Awesome design choice, my friend. I love the brooch, too.

    • Tyraenna
      July 17, 2013 at 10:11 am

      Me too. I ordered another for the other foot, but I think it’s different. That’s probably okay since snowflakes are so different from one another anyway, right? 😉


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