Less Than 3 Weeks to Go!

DragonCon 2013 is nearly upon us!!  I have already begun making lists – of things I have left to do for sure (pose and makeup practice), things I’d like to do if time permits (turn last years bustier into a corset for my Steampunk costume), and things I need to pack – like my flasks.  Yes, that is intentionally plural.  Your point??  Alcohol is way cheaper at DC if you bring your own.

This week, I tackled what is possibly the most important part of both of my costumes – a garter belt to hold both my phone case (complete with CC, badge, ID) and a small flask.  I learned after my first year wearing a costume at DragonCon that you really have to think about the details like this or you will find yourself miserable.  Then again, the details can still be easily overlooked (like the chains on my boots last year … grumble).

I probably should have added a third pocket for a small camera, now that I think of it.  I am always torn on carrying my camera … it is not part of my costumes, but I like taking cool pictures of other people’s costumes too … with my good DSLR.  But technically I will have my iPhone camera.  And I might be able to squeeze the tiny other camera into my pocket of the pocket of my husband’s vest.  But I digress.

I used leftover fabric from the Elizabeth costume.  Here are my steps.

1)  I measured the flask and the phone case, and cut two pocket pieces for each.

2)  I measure the circumferences of my leg where I wanted the flask to sit.  I cut a single piece of fabric to this length about 2-2.5″ wide.  (NOTE:  It seems like the best place for this is upper thigh, close to your hip … but if your skirt is snug, don’t do it!  You’ll have nice flask shaped lumps under your skirt, very visible to the world).

3)  Turn under and stitch a narrow hem on the top edge of one side of each pocket.  When you are finished, the hemmed side of the pocket should be shorter than the non-hemmed side.

4) Put right sides together on the pockets, lining up the bottom edges, and stitch starting from the top left side, down, along the bottom edge, and up to the top of the right side.

5)  Turn the pockets right side out.  Place the right side of the pocket backs to the right side of the long strip of garter fabric.  Stitch, like in the picture below.


6)  Stitch the short ends of the leg piece of the fabric together to make a circle (right sides together).

7)  Turn the leg piece of the garter and fold it along the center.  Additionally fold a small hem.  Stitch to close the leg piece, making sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic.  I don’t recommend leaving the opening along the same area as the pockets.


8)  Insert the elastic and stitch the opening closed.

Here is the final product.


I did find the garter a bit loose at first, and had to tighten the elastic some.  I also found that I can’t wear it as high on my leg as I wanted, or it will show under the Elizabeth skirt.  I will probably wear it around the house one Saturday to see how stable it is before the con.

In addition to the garter, I have begun work on a wand for the fairy costume.  This was my first electronics project, and really only involves a single LED and a toggle switch.  Still, it was quite satisfying to see the light turn on and off successfully.  I got a lot of help from my husband on this project, and hope it will not be the last one I do!  I have some decorating to do on the wand.  In case you were wondering, the plastic snowflake shaped piece was once part of some solar Christmas light stakes.  I had two and one got broken out in the yard 🙁  So I decided to use the other one for this.  I believe I bought these at Michael’s for about $7.



The lumpy end with the battery and switch will be unseen in my hand.  The rest isn’t awesome looking, but somewhat resembles the branch look of my wings.  The fact that the light is on under the snowflake makes me overlook the rest of it.

Only 3 weeks to go.  At this time in 3 weeks, I’ll be getting to Atlanta so that we can rise and shine Thursday morning and go get badges!  Hope THAT process goes as quickly as last year.


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  1. August 9, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    You should just wear the garter to work one day. Keep business cards in there or something, haha.


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