Final DragonCon Prep

It’s crunch time!  As of this posting, there’s only a little over two weeks until my husband and I leave for DragonCon!  What’s been happening lately?

I have made several lists.  I love lists.  The first was of things I want to get done prior to the convention.  The second list is of things I need to pack for the trip.  O.o

My current TO DO list includes the following:

I am doubting that I will get to the optional items for my Steampunk costume.  The bustier will still function if I don’t make the corset.  And I can just wear the backup boots I have for the Steampunk costume.

I did finish up a few items from my original TO DO list recently.

  • I deconstructed and reconstructed my Elizabeth costume skirt.  I am much happier with the latest version, it is shorter, there are no gathers on the higher side, and the white trim along the bottom is prettier than my original one.  I will not wear the slip underneath.
  • I decided to suffer through the pains of fray checking all the satin edges on my fairy skirt.  And going through with scissors and cutting off all the stray fraying threads.  This was quite painful, but I am happy I did it, the final product looks much less sketchy now.
  • I put the decorative touches on the wand for my ice fairy costume.  I am pleased – I hid the electrical tape with hot glue and crystal beads to give the wand handle an ice covered look, similar to my wings.  Then I added a few strands of ribbon.


  • I added some details in gold paint to the Bioshock Infinite Shield Infusion clay piece that I worked on a while back.  After the details, I weathered the piece so it didn’t look so shiny and new.  Then I hot glued it to the front of the Erlenmeyer flask the potion will ultimately use.  Next step for this piece is dealing with the wiring and the liquid mixing.  Below the finished paint job is on the left, then after weathering in the center, and finally attached to the bottle.


While this isn’t something I did, my good friend Kim finished making me a pair of beautiful ear cuffs for my ice fairy costume!  I love her work, and can’t wait to see them in person (they’re in the mail).  But here is a picture of what she made for me.


She has an Etsy store, Treasures by Eleni if you are interested.  Her work is gorgeous!  Thanks again, Kim!!

To my immense delight, the DragonCon App for my iPhone became available this weekend.  Not a lot of schedule info is in there yet, but I’m excited that this year’s version is out!  I intend to do a separate post on that stuff soon.  For now, I guess I’m signing off!  Ta!


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