More Costume Trial Runs

Elizabeth and Kelly came over Friday evening to help me do some trial run work on the ice fairy costume.  They helped me figure out some hairstyle options, poses, and helped me deal with wings and shoes when I put the costume on (which of course I did in the wrong order).

One of the first things we did was experiment with hair.  I had bought some light blue hair chalk so that we could attempt to put some colored strands in my hair.  It worked pretty well.  You are supposed to put hair spray in your hair prior to pulling the small circular case of hair chalk down the strand of hair between your thumb and forefinger.  The chalk looks nice once you get a good coating of it in your hair, however, it does fade fairly easily. I intend to carry it in my costume kit as I wander the con.

Below are some shots of the two hairstyles we tried.  First is a French braid that comes down and to the side of my head.  We put some chalk on different sections of the braid, and wove in some lighted fiber optic hair strands I picked up.  The second two shots are from the next hairstyle where Elizabeth braided to small braids, one from each side, chalked them up, and joined them in the center.  She wound some ribbons around the braids as well. Which do you like?


Next I did my makeup.  I did it differently than my first run of fairy makeup.  Ultimately, I am still not happy with my makeup for this costume.  I am dying to use this silver lipstick I bought, but I feel like it makes the costume look weird.  You can judge for yourself in some of the final pictures … I don’t feel like things look too bad when I was starting the makeup.


I used some blue cake makeup for the base from a pastel cake kit I bought from Mehron.  I also bought a white pearl cake makeup which you can see I tried to use in the center picture on my forehead.  It was uncooperative – look what the compact looked like after I was trying to use it.  Very weird.  On my eyelids, I used NYX eyeshadow base, and then covered it with white pearl shadow.  I tried to use a silver liner around my eyes, but found it was not showing up well.  Unclear as to why.


When I finally gave up on trying to make my face look any better, I put the costume on.  We tried a lot of poses, ultimately deciding that the pose world would expand quite a bit if my wings actually lifted me off the ground hah!  Here are some that we tried.  Forgive me for taking the pictures in a bathroom.  It was a nice option for lighting purposes … all the light in this shots is coming from my wings and wand (well maybe the camera flash too), the bathroom lights are off.


See what I mean about the makeup?  Especially the lipstick.  It’s as if my face is dying but the rest of me is not.  I think maybe a light pink lipstick would be best.  Or else I need to cover my skin with pearly white cake makeup (not happening).  I’m all ears to any suggestions you may have.  I think we decided on the two poses on the right as the ones I will use.  Oh, final head shot with crown and ear cuffs for Kim! 🙂  Don’t they go perfectly with the rest of the costume?!


I managed to convince my husband to try on all of the Booker costume.  He hates pictures, so this photo is only of the costume.  I am sad to say that my leather working was kind of a disaster.  The picture on the left is with no leather straps, the one on the right is with straps.  They are hard to see, don’t come down long enough and all around look funny.  I don’t think he will be wearing the leather piece.  Le sigh.  So much poking of my fingertips with leather work needles for nothing.  /grumble.  I am happy with how the rest of the costume looks though 🙂  And yes, he will wear shoes at the convention.


I’ve been packing for both DragonCon and our upcoming move, and working on last minute details still.  The steampunk costume whip is close to done.  Still have a hoop skirt to attempt tomorrow, and maybe a redo of the garter belt to hold my things since the other one did not stay on at all.  I will be doing one final post before I leave for the con, and then I will be around via Facebook and Twitter at the event.  Woot!!


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  1. August 29, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I’m glad you wanted to do a trial run! I would have hated to miss out on hair and dress-up fun. Hope I helped!


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