You Can Never Have Too Much Orkfest

I promised after last week’s trip down Orkfest memory lane that I would tell you more about what we did at this year’s Orkfest.

I suppose for starters, these is a shot of most of the board games that made it to North Carolina for our gathering this year.


I don’t really know when this tradition started, but one of our members, Atherin, started bringing buttons with the Orkfest logo on them (we also have t-shirts … logo made by another one of our members, Brasse!).  Each time someone wins a game, they get a small button.  Over the course of the week, whoever wins the most buttons gets a prize.  One year we even had a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock tournament to help decide the winner.  And just for fun.  My husband won this year, but I was happy to collect about six buttons.

Here are some of the games I really enjoyed playing over the course of the week (not in any order):

1)  Space Alert


2)  Star Trek Catan

3)  Goblins

4)  Mice & Mystics


5)  Telestrations


6)  Suburbia

7)  Takenoko

8)  Trajan

9)  Smart Ass

10)  Kingsburg

While a large portion of the day time gets taken up with board games, or reading, or hanging out by the pool, or sometimes napping, the evenings involve a lot of drinking.  And the entire thing involves a lot of eating.  We had two wonderful people who like to cook and spent a lot of time in the kitchen making yummy noms, such as mozzarella sticks, buffalo chicken dip, stuffed mushrooms, fajitas, cakes, bacon, cinnamon rolls … the list goes on. We owe these ladies a LOT, else us lazy geeks would surely have starved!  Thanks, Suzanne and Kim!


We used the hot tub and pool a lot, and rarely without a drink in hand.


We played a lot of Artemis, which is a Star Trek space simulation video game that can be played by 6 players.  I think one of the main things we learned is to not let drunk people drive the ship …


We watched some You Tube videos, especially the Ylvis “What Does the Fox Say?” video.  Probably about 8 times.  It was hilarious to hear the chorus of 18 voices shout “Ring-ding-ding-deding-deding-ding-ding!”.  And at one point there was some attempt at dancing.


We celebrated September birthdays, including the big 5-0 for Linda!  Suzanne made some pretty epic cakes – skull, world travel, yellow flying spaghetti monster (even though Dan and half the monster are hanging off the edge of the picture), steampunk octopus, and goat mountain!  We watched a memento video from last year’s Orkfest along with a tribute video for 50 Years of Brasse.


The last two years we have started a theme day.  When we were out in Vegas it was Tiki Night.  This year we celebrated Pirate Day, complete with a treasure chest pinata (hiding candy and plastic mini bottles), eye patches, tatoos, hats, bandanas, and of course rum, beer, and other piratey drinks.


Yar!  Drink up me hearties, yo ho!  I don’t remember the name of this pirate themed beer, but it was good.  Hard to see in this shot, but I am wearing the Orkfest t-shirt, which is also pirate themed with a nice ork skull.

It was a fantastic week, full of lots of good memories!  Thanks to all the Inn Mates for making it another wonderful year of Orkfest!


2 comments for “You Can Never Have Too Much Orkfest

  1. October 10, 2013 at 8:05 am

    The only game in that pile that I recognize is Chutes and Ladders! I fail. Well, technically I recognize Catan, but I haven’t actually played, so I suppose it doesn’t count. Glad y’all had so much fun. Suzanne’s cakes are impressive.

    • Tyraenna
      October 10, 2013 at 8:40 am

      We can fix that Catan problem you know 😉 I agree with you on Suzanne’s cakes … I couldn’t ever do those fancy things!


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