Skipping Halloween and Organizing Houses

Aside from wearing a costume to work today, I’m essentially skipping Halloween this year.  Not the best timing for decorating or a good party, so I’ll save it until next year and focus on getting the house straightened for the next few holidays.  I do hope the rest of you are enjoying your sugar-rushes, trick-or-treating, and costume wearing fun!

Despite the fact that I still have too many boxes in the breakfast nook, I feel like things around the house, at least on the first floor, are coming together.  Here’s what I’ve been working on:

1)  Finishing the TV – The television is back up on the wall (it’s still maybe an inch off-center, but that’s actually because of the outlet behind it preventing its centering), complete with the HDMI cable run through the wall, wall plates screwed in, and HDMI cables hooked up.  The Xbox 360, the PS3, our NAS, and our Anroid Xbox Media Center box are all wired for ethernet, and our wireless is working better.  I will no longer have to hook my laptop to various tvs and walk it around the house to watch shows in different rooms, hooray! The wires surrounding the electronics console area are still a bit messy, but at least everything is hooked up!


2)  Ceiling fan installations – As you can see from the above picture, another recent project was to install a couple of ceiling fans.  We had friends visiting last weekend, and the boys spent Saturday morning installing this fan (with a separate remote!) in the living room, and another upstairs in the man cave (loft).  They came out looking great, and I’m super thankful to them for working on that!  FYI, these are much cheaper on Amazon (especially if you have Prime) than they are at Lowe’s.

3)  Painting the study – I was most exciting about the color of this room; I chose “sunglow” yellow.  One I started painting, I was a little frustrated because the first coat went on pretty streaky, kind of like the orange in the dining room did.  I left it painted at only two coats as I ran out of paint. Different lighting makes the walls look quite a different shade, as you can see in the pictures below.


4)  Organizing the Study Bookshelves – After bringing the old, broken, mismatched bookshelves in from the garage when the painting was completed, I spent a while organizing our stupidly large board game collection.  I tried to group games by category – card games, deck building games, co-op games, two player games, strategy games, and party games.  We’ll see how well that goes.  It’ll likely be a while before we get real furniture for this room, but a folding table will work for the time being.


5)  Nightstands in Guest Suite – I put some nightstands together for the guest suite.  No pictures of them or the rest of the room until it’s done, but I did promise to show you the wall color so you could run screaming in terror.  I still maintain that this is going to look great when all the decorating is done.  It seems bright at the moment, but I still love it.  Getting things on the walls and curtains, etc will help.  Anyway, this color is “desert rose”, a nice shade of coral.


6)  Diploma hanging – We’ve both had our college diplomas framed for years, but until now haven’t hung them on the walls for various reasons.  But this week they found a home on the dining room wall!  I still have quite a large empty wall left in there, I wonder if I should hunt down some more Clemson things to hang…


Well, I think that is enough of an update at the moment.  We’re settled enough that soon you’ll be back to hearing about my more typical crafting!


2 comments for “Skipping Halloween and Organizing Houses

  1. October 31, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    I’m stoked about all of the decorating possibilities in your new house! You may have missed Halloween this year, but Christmas will be epic.

    • Tyraenna
      October 31, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      Yes, epic Christmas crafting coming up soon!


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