Decorate All the Things!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  I ate way more than I should have, but I feel like doing anything less means you’re doing it wrong.

As usual, I began decorating as soon as we got home from our Thanksgiving visit with family.  I had been itching to decorate the new house this year.  So a large part of this weekend was spent doing just that.

I began with the mantle.  My vision for this was based in whites and silvers.  I used one of those cheap snow blankets as the base, and purchased a couple of decorations (the fake white poinsettias on the edges and the giant snowflake) from the dollar store.  I wanted to placed even more LED candles up there than I did, but ran out of room a bit with all the stocking holders.  I kept the silver stocking holders up there since we’ll have some company in town this holiday, and threw the reindeer in on the end of the mantle.  The silver snowflake garland I found in one of my Christmas decoration boxes in the closet.  Since I haven’t put it on the tree in years, I cut it up and used it in my mantle display.


I also cleared off our credenza and Christmas-ified it.  You’ll see one of my craft projects from last year framed in the background, amidst a few of my Christmas beanie babies.  Also a little countdown guy, some Rudolph figures, two stocking holders and our stockings, amidst some other miscellaneous decorations.  On the window ledge, two of my stuffed Hallmark singing gadgets, and in the center the tray I decorated last year.


This was really all the decorating I did Thursday night, though I had unpacked quite a few things from the Christmas closet.  Friday morning, I met Elizabeth at Jo Ann’s at 6 am to check out the fabric deals for Black Friday.  It’s a tradition for me to go Black Friday shopping, though I never go Thursday night or super early (midnight-3 am) on Friday.  Thus far, I have never been after whatever the crazy deals are.  I just enjoy starting the Christmas season off with some shopping, hearing the music, and what not.  Also, at around 6 am, the traffic and crowds are not bad at all.  There was a bit of a line at Jo Ann’s, but when flannel is on sale for $1.74 per yard, you expect a lot of people to be interested.  Here is the cart of fabric that Elizabeth and I gathered that morning.  The top portion was E’s, the bottom part was mine.  I left with two pretty floral prints, dogs, science print, penguins, mustaches, birds, and turtles.  I will be making a lot of pajamas pants in the relatively near future I think.


I waited until Saturday to do more decorating.  It all began with a tree.  I’ve been excited about this because the house has nice 10 ft ceilings, so I could get a taller one than I have ever had before.  There was nothing fabulous about the trip, although I am pleased to say it fit well in my car and did not have to go on the roof.  It was easily the best smelling passenger I’ve ridden with in a while.  Since I have put the tree up, I’ve stopped a few times to stick my nose up in the pine needles and breathe in one of the best smells ever.  You all do this with your trees too, right?  Cause my husband definitely found it weird to see me standing with my face in a tree for 5 minutes, and I would love to tell him I am not the only person that does this … Anyway, the height of the tree was a perfect fit for the ceilings and the room.  I went with colored lights on the tree this year because Jesse likes those better, and I did my shades of white ones last year.  I used some larger bulbs and some smaller bulbs, and I like how nice and bright everything is.


I also did the outside lights on Saturday.  I wasn’t quite sure what level of outdoor lighting I wanted to do, so I stuck with simpler and fewer lights. Since the tree was colored and I have more white lights, that is what went outside.  Not the best picture ever, but here it is.


And finally, I did a few other things to the inside of the house – added a garland to the stair banister, and placed the Christmas planter decoration I made last year at the foot of the stairs. I never made the second one as I used up all the iced branches with my fairy wings … oops! 😛


Last but not least, I decorated the kitchen a bit with some ribbons.  I got the idea from something I found on Pinterest, but used slightly different centerpieces for the ribbons.  I’m pretty happy with how it looks, but one of the berry bunches has already fallen off so we’ll see how well the masking tape holds!


I am working on on final decoration and hope to be able to unveil it in my next post.  Hope you all have lots of fun decorating too!


2 comments for “Decorate All the Things!

  1. December 2, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Sooooooooo many pretty things. I really like the way the kitchen cabinets turned out. You got a beautiful tree! Makes me jealous that I can’t pull out my nice ornaments yet – perhaps I’ll find the perfect home for my little troublemaking tree climbers this weekend so I can finish decorating.

    • Tyraenna
      December 2, 2013 at 12:21 pm

      You will find them a good home. 🙂 Penny looked like she was trying to find a way to climb my step ladder while I was decorating the tree. Thankfully, she didn’t attempt that.


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