Falling Snow Garland

It is kind of sad how long this project took me. It didn’t need to take as long as it did, but I got distracted by various other projects and decorating and … Oooo! Shiny!

I’m one of those people who actually likes snow. It’s one of the few sad things about living somewhere warm (it was 75 yesterday!) – no snow. So I wanted to bring a little of it into my Christmas decorating.  I was inspired by this pin, but wanted to do something slightly different.

I used:

I do intend to use the snowflake cookie cutters for cookies too, but the first project was making non-paper, non-flimsy snowflakes for this garland.

1) I rolled some super sculpey out to 1/4″ (or less) thickness, and used the cookie cutters to make several different snowflakes. I baked them for about half an hour to solidify the clay.


2) When they came out, they were more off-white than I had hoped. I painted them with white acrylic paint to restore the pure white color, and then added a coat of snow paint for sparkle and texture.

3) I attached fishing wire to each snowflake and set them aside.

4) Next was painting the wooden letters white. I had to use two coats on these.  Below are some beginning and in progress shots of the painting steps.


5) For decoration,  I added some swirls of silver puffy paint, and set the letters out to dry.  Here is a close up of some letters with the puffy paint.


6)  I cut a bit off the end to make the garland a bit shorter. I tried to flatten it as much as I could so that it could hang on the wall, spreading out the branches as much as I could . I put batteries in the light strand, and lit them up while I wound the cord around my garland.

7)  Once dry, I placed my letters how I wanted them spaced, and strung them to the garland with fishing wire.  I intentionally staggered the vertical height of the letters to give the decoration more of a whimsical feel.

8) I placed the garland on the hooks on the wall, and secured the battery pack behind some garland branches.

9) Finally, I grabbed untied end of the fishing line that I attached to the snowflakes earlier, and wrapped and tied them to the garland at differing lengths.


Voila! Super cute Christmas decoration for over an archway. This could probably be done in an afternoon but I dallied a lot.


2 comments for “Falling Snow Garland

  1. December 5, 2013 at 9:59 am

    Wheee! Snow! I would very much like to get some real snow here. Snow that sticks to the ground for a bit. A couple of inches will do. I’m hoping we won’t all be in t-shirts on an 80 degree Christmas day, but it has certainly happened before.

    • Tyraenna
      December 5, 2013 at 10:04 am

      It has been super warm on Christmas plenty of times, yes. Just a little bit of snow would be amazing.


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