Constant Baking

I’ve had baking on the brain this Christmas season, and this week my sickness got worse.

Friday night I baked some glorious double chocolate chip cookies stuffed with sea salt caramel and nutella. I used a recipe that I found on Pinterest. It was everything I hoped it would be. The only different thing I did was start with 1″ balls of dough, made a thumb print, filled the thumb print with nutella and a Rolo, and then covered the filling with a flattened additional 1″ ball of dough, sealing the goodies inside.


Then Saturday afternoon was spent with some of my favorite ladies doing more Christmas baking.


And also, drinking… But mostly … Well. Drinking. The baking almost happened by accident really. I mean, Juliet even used a impromptu wine bottle to roll out her cut out cookie dough due to lack of a rolling pin between the four of us.


Between all of us, we made:

Here are a few of us mashing gingerbread and Oreo cookie crumbs for our respective recipes.


I think at the end we felt a bit like there weren’t a ton of cookies to go home with, and we didn’t do any decorating of the cut outs due to time and disinterest from the kiddos. But I know I had a good time, and probably the fewer cookies, the better for my waistline.

On Sunday, the nutella stuffed cookies and I went to a cookie exchange that Elizabeth hosted. She had a few last minute cancellations, so there were only four of us. But it was a very pleasant time spent chatting, eating, and admiring Hamlet, Lancelot, and Morgan Lefay.

Hamlet was very fond of Amanda, who brought ranger cookies to the party.


Liz even had some snuggle time with Hamlet and Lancelot. She brought spiced molasses cookies.


And here is, in my opinion, one of the best pictures Elizabeth and I have taken together. Elizabeth made chocolate chip cookies with cherries and pistachios.


All the cookies were yummy, and we left with quite a few each since there were fewer guests than expected. The nutella ones reheated well in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Still a bit more baking to do from my list! Till next time…


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