A Year of Good Cheer

It’s been a pretty good year all around.  Certainly there have been ups and downs just like every other year, but I’d say more good than bad has come into my life and for that I am extremely grateful.

I’ve been a bit AWOL for the last couple weeks.  We had family in town for the holidays.  So during this post, I thought I would catch you up on my holidays with a top ten list, and then recap my year in another top ten list.

As usual, the holidays got here quickly and then flew by just as fast.  My parents came in town last weekend, followed by Jesse’s parents, sister, and her boyfriend.  We had a full house, in our new house, and it was quite a good time.  My sister and brother-in-law were unfortunately not able to make the trip, and Jesse’s brother and his family were out in Vegas, but we managed to Skype with them a few times and watch my 2 year old nephew open his presents.  Even though some folks were missing, we still had fun.

Top 10 Things From My Christmas Holidays 2013

  • Went on a holiday Pub Crawl in downtown Charleston with the hubby, Mom, and Dad.  We went to 5 bars – Mad River, Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House, The Griffon, Blind Tiger, and Tommy Condon’s.


  • On Christmas Eve, all eight of us went to the Holiday Festival of Lights down on James Island.  I’d never been, it was finally cool out again, and quite a pleasant activity for Christmas Eve.


  • Cooked Christmas Eve dinner – Chicken Ranch Lasagna and a more traditional Lasagna … which we didn’t eat until almost 10 pm after returning from the festival!
  • Cooked Christmas Day dinner – Turkey, Balsamic Beef Roast in crockpot, scalloped potatoes, bacon bourbon sweet potatoes, lemon feta asparagus, and orange zest broccoli.
  • Played various board games with family, including some new acquisitions – Trains, Sewer Pirats – and Stone Age throughout the course of the week.
  • Drank various festive concoctions such as Mistletoe Margaritas, Cranberry Champagne Cocktail, Adult Root Beer Floats, Pomegranate Lemonade, and others did some Cinnamon Crunch shots (I’m not a cinnamon fan).
  • Had fondue night at home for Mom and Dad’s last night here.
  • Christmas baking with Mom – including baking and then consuming my first ever apple pie from scratch – Apple Bacon Ginger pie … with ice cream!  It was yummy.  Here we are making a mess in the kitchen.


  • Ate a lot more breakfast than usual – Cracker Barrel, Christmas morning nutella french toast wraps and casserole, IHOP the day we took my parents back to the airport.
  • Just enjoyed spending time with all the family we had visiting – good times and great conversation all around 🙂  Love you all, this was a wonderful way to spend Christmas!


And now for my Top Ten List of 2013.  I’m not really putting these in any particular order cause that is too hard 😛

  1. Traveled to Hawaii for the first time.
  2. Traveled to my first all-inclusive resort … in Mexico!
  3. Sewed my first corset.
  4. Did my first cosplay as a character people might recognize – Elizabeth from Bioshock.
  5. Bought a new house.
  6. Went to Orkfest in the Outer Banks with some of the best people I know.
  7. Attended DragonCon 2013.
  8. Saw my Mom’s side of the family mostly together for the first time in a while, even if it was for a sad occasion.
  9. Saw both of our families for the Christmas holidays.
  10. Dealt with all of Talon’s various health issues – not great stuff, but certainly memorable between his bloody tail and repeated paraphimosis problems.

And with that, I’m signing off for 2013!  Thanks to all who have been a part of my life this year, and I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2014!



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  1. January 1, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Still love that dress in the first series of photos. Happy new year, buddy!


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