January Randomness

Just like last year, January seems to be my month for rejoining the sewing world after a hiatus that begins in early September, right after DragonCon.  I find myself gathering my thoughts and planning out some of the costumes and other things I want to make for the year.  So today has a lot of small topics that wouldn’t make a good single post, and is likely to proceed in a billion different directions.

First, I have a couple of neat things I wanted to share with you all.  One is a Christmas present I gave to my husband, but I think other geeks will appreciate the awesomeness of it.DoctorWhoTardisFridge

It’s a TARDIS mini fridge!  I found it on ThinkGeek around the holidays, and since until recently, my husband was the only one of us who really watched Doctor Who, I thought it would be a nice gift.  In my head, I thought he could put it upstairs in his man room once we get it painted and what not.  He wants a mini-fridge for up there, and while this one is ultimately too small for his purposes, it has some pretty fun geek factor.  When he opened it, we found out that is has a handle and that you can use to both cool and heat items inside of it.  Additionally, it can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter port of your car.  All in all, an even better little device than I thought, and I think I paid about $40 for it.

Next up, when I returned to work from my holiday break, I found a super cute fairy left by a mysterious crafter at my desk!


Thankfully, one of my coworkers had been around when the person left it at my desk, so I managed to find out who it was from.  Isn’t she cute!?  Such a sweet and unexpected way to have my day brightened.  My friend had remembered us having a conversation not long before the holidays where I mentioned that I love fairies and she mentioned that she makes them, so she made this little gal for me.  The picture is pretty close up, but the fairy is about 5″ high I would estimate, and is made from yarn wrapped around pipe cleaners, and then embellished with whatever other crafty supplies you like.  The red leafy motif suits my fancy quite well, and I think because of her nice red color that I will probably find a way to hang this little sprite on my Christmas tree in the future.

You probably remember that I had about 7 or 8 pairs of pajamas on deck for stitching back in December.  I had purchased a bunch of really cheap flannel at Jo Ann’s Black Friday sale with Elizabeth, and I’ve been slowly chipping away.  In addition to the snowy penguin jammies I made before the holidays, I stitched a blue pair with dogs on them for Elizabeth’s birthday last week.  I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped them, ooops. Anyway, I decided to try assembly-lining a few pairs when I began Elizabeth’s pair.  So I’d do the same step on each of three different pairs of pajamas.  It was going well, but I started to feel the time crunch and wound up just finishing hers up.  Then yesterday I completed the last two pairs, one for my hubby – the “he blinded me with science” pair – and one for me.  I’ve been using my name tags a lot lately for pajama pants to mark the back side of them.  I think a single pair of pajama pants takes about 1.5 hours from start to finish at this point.  Voila!


While I still have 3 or 4 pairs of pajamas left to stitch together, I have decided what my next sewing projects are going to be.  I am pretty obsessed with long tunics and leggings (especially fleece-lined!) these days, and so I want to make some more tunics.  I’ve actually been wearing this tunic a bunch with my leggings and steampunky boots, and I got a couple tunics for Christmas, but the more the merrier, right?  I’m also all about using some of the fabric I have in my stash, and some of the patterns I’ve had for a long time and with which I’ve done nothing.  So next up will be McCall’s 6165 and Butterick 5522.  I think I’m gonna make the bottom right version of the McCall’s pattern, with the short sleeve underneath layer in blue and the tank layer in the floral print.  Bonus: these light weight knit fabrics are both fairly sheer on their own, but I hop that combining them fixes the issue 🙂  There is really only one version of the Butterick tunic, but I’m going to use the stripey orange as the base color for the dress and make the patterns on the sleeves in the black solid fabric.  Planning two short projects should mean I will actually finish them rather than making a giant list, right?  I like the idea of a couple short easy projects as I get back into sewing mode.


Finally, I did a bit of organizing this weekend.  My craft room is going to be a pretty slow project I think.  But I’ve cleaned it up and unpacked it enough for the moment so that I can sew.  This weekend I added a small pegboard organization system to the wall, along with a thread holder that for now is sitting on the edge of my sewing table.  One of the things that I love about our house is that my sewing room is essentially a 3rd floor suite – it has a full bathroom attached as well as a large walk-in closet, which is where I have started storing my fabric stash.  While it looks like I have a ton of random fabric, and I DO … a lot of what you are seeing on the righthand shelf is actually scrap fabric from already completed projects.  That makes me feel LESS bad, but still.  I also am storing random costume bits in this closet and other materials for costumes (the plastic bags you see as well as the pirate hat and blue feather on the top left).  I’ll take some more detailed and better pictures of all this stuff as it gets to be looking the way I want it too.


How’s your January going?


2 comments for “January Randomness

  1. January 13, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Thanks again for my pajama pants – I love them! I’m excited to see your craft room shaping up. Jealous, but excited for you.

    • Tyraenna
      January 13, 2014 at 11:26 am

      I’m glad! Hope they fit okay 🙂 And you should just come hang out in my craft room more often!!


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