Muslin Mania

Other than for corsets, I haven’t been one to make a lot of practice muslins for my projects.  But this upcoming costume has enough interesting stuff going on that I felt the need to do a few more practice pieces for it.

You read about my recent muslin hat making adventure.  I also decided to make another muslin for the Rainbow Dash corset, and one for her jacket as well.  Since Elizabeth and I drafted some corset patterns together a little while ago, I invited her and our friend Liz over for a sewing night last week.

Here is Elizabeth hard at work on her corset muslin.


And Liz was working on a Colette Crepe dress with some pretty lavender seersucker fabric.  It will be really nice come summertime I think.  Below is a shot of Liz hard at work, and Elizabeth doing a bit of seam ripping. You know when you are sewing and accidentally get a piece of fabric caught under what you are sewing?  Yeah, that is what happened here.  Hate that.


There were a few reasons for making another muslin for me.  First, I drafted the pattern differently, with 6 panels instead of 5, and some cup pieces. Second, to figure out where and how I would place boning channels in this new design.  And third, there was no busk installation involved in this pattern.  Below is my muslin, complete with boning.  Even though it’s not in the picture, I  found some amazing corset tape that is pre-grommetted … I intend to keep using this stuff for any future muslins, and maybe I’ll wind up doing it for a full corset someday.  In the second picture below, you can see what happens to spiral steel boning that gets caught in a channel, and then tugged too hard when you are trying to get it unstuck O.o.


It turns out I am really happy I did the muslin.  I need to add some height to the corset, and I dislike all the seams created by the three piece cup.  I’ve decided to try a one-piece cup instead.  I will not make a full muslin for the second round, but will make the outer layer to verify everything fits how I want.

We had a sewing injury during the evening when Liz had an argument with one of my dining room chairs.  The chair might have won…


She persevered, though, and is just about finished with the top of her dress.  Here it is:


All in all, it was quite a productive sewing night.

The next day, I decided to make the muslin for the little jacket that goes with the Rainbow Dash costume.  I even did a lining on the muslin, to make sure I didn’t have any issues in the final version.  It fit pretty well, though I’m going to try to give it a bit more space in the arms and back for comfort reasons.  Also going to try to get the asymmetry happening more in the front.  But I even lined the sleeves – sewing sleeves in flat for the win!


Aside from a half redo for the corset muslin, I am just about ready to get cracking with the real fabric on this thing!!  Woot!


2 comments for “Muslin Mania

  1. February 19, 2014 at 10:08 am

    The jacket looks great! I still need to do some work on my jacket muslin, but laziness + two destructive kittens running around has stalled me temporarily.

    • Tyraenna
      February 19, 2014 at 10:10 am

      But you could stick one kitten in each sleeve! That would be so fun! I do recommend the lining on your jacket muslin – I have tips if you want em!


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