Saturday Sewing Social!

A Saturday afternoon.

Eight of my favorite ladies.

Sewing.  Chatting.  Wine.

It was a good weekend!  While I have small groups of folks over pretty regularly to sew, I decided to do a larger group of people this time.

We potlucked, and therefore had way too much food.  Homemade pimento cheese, strawberry basil brie bruschetta, apple brie pecan bruschetta, mac and cheese, bacon wrapped dates, golden graham marshmallow treats, flourless chocolate cake, lemon poppy cake … it was all yummy.  We drank wine and champagne.


Elizabeth, Liz, Kelly, Amanda H., Juliet, Norma, and Tiffany all attended with various projects to do.  Poor Elizabeth had a tooth pulled the day before and was refusing pictures, but she came for a bit, ate soft foods, and worked on her jacket muslin for her Halloween project.  Tiffany worked on a pillow.  Kelly continued work on some socks she is knitting for a costume.  Liz worked on her Colette dress.  Amanda H. was hard at work with some Easter dresses for her daughters.  Juliet and Norma (who also brought quite a delicious cheesecake flavored white wine…) opted to forego projects and just chat with the rest of us while we worked.  My dogs also enjoyed their company, as you can see.


One of the nice things about sewing with a group of friends is that in addition to ooogling each others fun projects, you can ask their opinions and advice on various things, and get help pinning and fitting garments. Below, Amanda and Liz discuss some different options for connecting the bodice of her dress to the skirt.


I opted not to work on my Rainbow Dash costume since I knew I’d be chatting, drinking, and in general not concentrating well.  Instead I worked on McCall’s 6165.  I had already cut the fabric from my stash, and the pattern has been in my library for forever and a day.  The fabric for the v-neck t-shirt was SUPER thin and flimsy.  It’s really soft and comfortable, but I don’t really want to sew with it again.  Here it is in my sewing machine while I am hemming.


The pattern called for a v-neck line with interfacing for the t-shirt that goes on the bottom … I followed instructions, but if I were to make this again, I would not have done the interfacing.  There was sooo much stretch in the fabric that the point of the ‘v’ in the neckline wound up all wonky since it was connecting to non-stretchy interfacing.  I am telling myself it doesn’t matter because this t-shirt goes under the tank top, but I would definitely do things differently a second time.  I used my twin needle again to hem the gauzy blue knit.  The tank top fabric was much nicer to sew with.  I ultimately wound up taking both the t-shirt and the tank in a bunch at the sides, and with the tank, I added some darts to the bust to make it fit more at the top and flare at the waist.  I intend to wear this with leggings and boots – hooray comfort!


Liz finished her Colette Crepe dress Saturday as well, and it came out fantastic!  Sooooo pretty, and she did a lot of hard work finishing seams super nicely and everything.  Love it!


A few of us did a fabric swap.  I have never done one before, so I kind of made the rules up.  Anyone who had fabric to exchange put their cuts on a table.  We put numbers into a cup for each piece of fabric on the table. Each person who brought fabric drew numbers from the cup to determine what order people would pick fabric in.  If you brought 3 pieces of fabric, you would leave with 3 pieces of fabric.  It seemed to work well enough, though honestly, near the end a lot of the fabric was just put “up for grabs” if anyone wanted it 🙂  I’d be interested to hear how others have done fabric swaps in the past.  It was fun!

Thanks, girls, for a nice relaxing Saturday!  I had a great time!


2 comments for “Saturday Sewing Social!

  1. February 24, 2014 at 7:37 am

    Thanks for hosting, bud. I hope I’ll be better company next time. You and Liz did a great job with your projects!

    • Tyraenna
      February 24, 2014 at 8:14 am

      You are always good company. Hope you are feeling better!


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