Rainbow Dash Jacket and Hat

Last week I wrote up a tutorial on how to make a mini pilot captain’s hat. For my upcoming Rainbow Dash costume, I used that tutorial to make two hats – figuring whichever one turned out better would go to my costume.

I’m glad I made two. One is definitely better than the other O.o.  I’m not going to show you the messed up one.

At least they are quick projects. Anyway, I added a strip of gold bias tape around the brim of the hat, and then once the full hat was constructed, I finished the bottom edge of the brim with some light blue bias tape. It just makes it look nicer! Finally, I used some fabric paint to add a cutie mark to the front of the hat. So glad I asked my husband’s opinion on that one … I was all prepared to make pins or a tiny appliqué which would have made me hate myself. Fabric paint was much easier and looks great!


Then I began work on my jacket for the costume. I made a muslin for it, which I was happy with. I’m gonna leave the pattern making details here, as well as my construction steps in case someone else ever wants to make it (or I want to remake it hah).


Measurements Needed:

1.)  Neck Circumference – will become the length of the collar piece

2.)  Collar height – double this  because you will fold and press this piece along the center

3.)  Neck to Shoulder – will become your shoulder seam, which connects the front and back of the jacket

4.)  Sleeve length – from top of the shoulder to wherever you want the sleeve to end

5.)  Arm circumference at the shoulder – Right under your armpit.

6.)  Arm circumference at the end of the sleeve – For this jacket I took this measurement at the elbow.

7.)  Shoulder circumference – This is basically measuring the size of the armhole.  Start at the top of the shoulder wrap the tape measure under your armpit and back to the top of the shoulder.

8.)  Shoulder to front – At your neck, measure from where you expect the shoulder seam to be to the point at the front of your neck where you would expect the jacket to close. Do this on both sides, since in this case the jacket closes on one side rather than in the center.

9.)  Collar to bottom – From your neck in front to the bottom of the jacket in front where the two jacket pieces meet (remember this is not the center).

10.)  Closure to left side – From the point where the jacket closes at the bottom, to the bottom of the side seam (underneath your arm).

11.)  Closure to right side – The same thing as #10, but to the other side.  Measurements 10 and 11 should be different!

12.)  Height of side seams – From the armpit to the bottom of the jacket.

13.)  Shoulder to bottom in back – From the shoulder seam to the bottom of the jacket down your back.

14.)  Side seam to side seam in back – Width of the jacket across your back at the bottom of the jacket.

**Don’t forget to add length to all your measurements for seam allowances! Also, if you are classy like me, make sure to write the measurements down on an envelope because it is the only paper you could find …


Pattern Pieces:

Use the measurements above to make the following pattern pieces:

1.) Collar (1 piece fabric, 1 piece lightweight interfacing)
2). Front right jacket (1 piece fabric, 1 piece lining)
3.) Front left jacket (1 piece fabric, 1 piece lining)
4.) Sleeve (2 pieces fabric, 2 pieces lining)
5). Jacket back (1 piece fabric, 1 piece lining)



Construction Steps:
1.) Stitch jacket fronts to jacket back at shoulder seam.


2.) Right sides together while the jacket is flat, pin sleeves to jacket along armhole seam. Stitch.

3.) Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the lining fabric.

4.). Pin jacket and lining together along the outside with right sides facing in. Stitch along all outside edges except the collar, as you need this open to turn it right side out.  I recommend starting at the front of one side of the jacket just below the collar and going completely around the jacket.  When you are done, turn it right side out and press.  It looks like this when the two pieces are connected.


5.)  I have the rainbow ribbon stripe pinned in the image above.  Stitch the ribbon down.  I opted for clear quilting thread rather than matching tiny stripes of color.

6.)  Stitch the underarm sleeve seam of the jacket, right sides together.


7.)  Attach the collar.  I pressed a fold in the center of the collar piece, and also I ironed the rough edges of the collar up before attaching.  I put the collar sides over the collar edge of the jacket, pinned, and stitched.


Here is a finished shot of the jacket, from both the inside and the outside.  I’m so happy to have finally used lining fabric for a lining hah.



8.)  As a final step, I added some hook style buttons.



I am in the process of painting the Rainbow Dash cutie mark on the jacket as well, so no photos of that.

I’m pleased to finally have some of this costume done.  I feel like I’m maybe 25% there.  Maybe next week I will have figured out this corset enough to post about it.  One thing is for sure, I am tired of making practice muslins.


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  1. February 27, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Hooray! This costume is coming together so quickly (even though it may not seem that way to you). I’m excited to conquer corset muslin fitting this evening.


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