Rainbow Dash: Makeup Trial

The corset is still not done.  Boning channels have been completely stitched in, but I hit a snag when I could not find my grommet kit.  Le sigh.  Soon, corset, soon.

In the meanwhile, I took a small break this weekend to do a trial run on makeup.  I liked this pin I found, an set out to do something similar.


I don’t keep lots of vibrant eye shadow colors around, so I found this palette on Amazon.  The actual amounts of the colors are very small, but will be more than sufficient for this costume.  I hope it will be useful for future costumes as well.  The other two items I purchased were the gold lipstick, same brand as the silver lipstick I purchased for my ice fairy costume, and liquid gold eyeliner.  Also seen in this picture are the black tattoo eye liner pen I used, an eye shadow base primer, and some loose white pearl eye shadow.  I made sure to fish out the tiniest makeup brush I have, as well as some other more standard brushes for eye shadow.

1).  Apply the eye shadow base to both eyelids.

2.)  Starting with the red (or the closest thing to red you can find), begin near your tear duct and make a thin line to the outside of your eye.  This first line should be very high on your lid.  I wet the small brush before dipping in the color.

3.)  Continue with orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  One color beneath the other.  For some colors I mixed a couple of shades (the lighter colors of orange and yellow).


4.)  Apply base and then loose white pearl eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye in a cloud-like shape.

5.)  Use the black eyeliner pencil to draw an outline to the cloud.  Messy is okay, there’s no real way to do this in the lines.


6.)  Apply gold eye liner to top and bottom of eye.


7.)  Apply mascara and lipstick.

8.)  Add rainbow rocker mullet punk wig and voila!


I think when I do this for the convention, I will actually put the complete rainbow between my eyebrow and the top of my open eye.  Makes me sad that when my eyes are open you can’t see the blue and purple.  I also had a suggestion to go with black eyeliner instead of the gold, so I might try that, too.  The gold lipstick is a little weird, but fun.  It is not as good at covering the natural pink color of lips as the silver was.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I am also wearing a pair of colored contacts.  This is my first time ordering a pair of these, since I wear glasses and need those that can handle a prescription.  They were pretty comfortable, but a little weird, I could see them in my eyes occasionally and the contact iris is larger than mine, so my eyes appear a little bit larger than usual.  This may have been done on purpose, I’m guessing to imitate anime eyes? Anyway, I’m pleased with these and wore them for a trial day so I’m sure I can handle them for the convention too 🙂

There might be some late nights in my future! I don’t really like leaving costume bits to the last minute, but alas …





2 comments for “Rainbow Dash: Makeup Trial

  1. March 10, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Wow! I like the idea of making the rainbow meet your eyebrow. Very pretty, overall. I think the gold lipstick is neat.

    • Tyraenna
      March 10, 2014 at 11:00 am

      Thanks. I’m gonna keep the gold lipstick even though I feel like it’s a little unusual.


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