Rainbow Dash: Underskirt

Compared to the never ending corset for this costume, this underskirt was a BREEZE.

Which is kinda cool since it’s supposed to simulate and/or represent a cloud in the costume …

Anyway, if you remember my costume design, there is both an underskirt and an overskirt for this Rainbow Dash costume.  I began with this tutorial for my underskirt, which my friend Sally linked me not too long ago.  I didn’t really plan on using it for this costume, but whatever works, right?

I began by making my pattern, which represents a quarter of the skirt.


Then due to the amount and size of the fabric I bought (1 yard, around 45″ wide), I had to do some tricky cutting of the skirt.  I folded the fabric along the short side, and placed the center hole part of the pattern in a corner along to edges of the fabric first.  I did some pinning to make sure that when I was done cutting those pieces, I could fit the pattern catty-cornered to the fabric to cut the last piece (the front of the skirt since it is along a fold).  Sorry I didn’t take pictures here, but I was panicking a little thinking I had not bought enough fabric.

When I was done cutting, I had three pieces: a skirt front, a back left skirt, and a back right skirt.

First I stitched the two back pieces together at what is now the center back seam.  Then I stitched the front of the skirt to the back of the skirt at the sides.  Otherwise, I pretty much followed the directions on the Circle Skirt Tutorial.  Even though I would have preferred white elastic for the waist, I used the black elastic that I have because there is a giant roll of it and it wouldn’t mean purchasing more things.  Here is the basic skirt when all stitched together and hemmed.



The elastic waistband will be hidden beneath the corset and the overskirt anyway.  I wasn’t done yet though.  I estimated about 5 yards of lace to attach to this skirt to give it a more full, fluffy cloud look.  I estimated poorly.  I got two complete rotations of the eyelet lace sewn onto the skirt before I ran out.

This seems to be a theme.  Can’t find the grommet kit – corset must be halted.  Not enough eyelet lace – underskirt must be halted.  I intend to go to Jo Ann’s one night this week to pick up the remainder that I need.  In the meanwhile, I’ll get cracking on the final sewn piece, the overskirt.

Time for one of my “What’s Left To Do?” lists!

  1. Overskirt
  2. Finish corset (grommets, install boning, add top and bottom bias tape)
  3. Finish underskirt
  4. Make pony ears
  5. Make pegasus wings
  6. Make cloud pin
  7. Style mullet wig (optional)
  8. Glue on clips to pilot hat
  9. Make fingerless gloves (optional)
  10. Final fitting and poses

I didn’t find a good place in this costume for a pocket to keep my phone and belongings during the con.  The jacket lining would have made sense, but there isn’t a whole lot of jacket to use and putting the pocket on the back where I can’t reach it will not help me.  I might still be able to hide a pocket on the underskirt somewhere I guess.



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