A Zillion Things to Finish

This is way too much last minute costuming for me.  I like getting done early and being able to focus on tiny little things in the days immediately preceding a convention.

I spent way too much time this weekend on the corset.  Still.  I am finally done with it, but I’m not really happy in the end.  The grommet installation process was a beast, and instead of cutting holes in the fabric, I used an awl to poke holes through.  I do intend to do a full post on the corset making process, so I will spare you the details.  I ran out of grommets in the middle of the process, which prompted yet another trip to Jo Ann’s.  The grommets I came back with were not nearly as high quality as the ones I had, and installing the final four grommets took way too much time and caused a lot of frustrated yelling and cursing.  A lot.

AND THEN … I put it on.  For a fitting before the final bias tape stitching.

I was not happy.  Regardless of the number of muslins I did for this project and the amount of adjusting I did, there was STILL wonkiness happening under the bust (arrows).  And the top wasn’t curving properly.  And the center front at the top was still too far away from my body.  I decided that I refuse to go to a convention in a garment that looks like this.


At my husband’s suggestion, I cut out the light blue cup pieces, and decided to turn it into an under bust corset.


Which ultimately means I have to make a top piece to go under the corset now.  I thankfully have some white knit that I am going to use.  Gonna start with an elastic tube structure and hope it doesn’t look ridiculous.

I did manage to get enough lace to finish the underskirt.  Barely.  I actually came up short on the new yardage (2.5 was not enough?!), but I added in the leftover from the first set of lace trim and it was just enough.  I tried it on Deirdre upstairs, and while the top tier of lace looks a tad wonky, it will be hidden under the overskirt.  Which I have cut and draped, but not sewn yet.  Here’s a preview.


I also sculpted some ears, which will get glued to a headband after they are done cooling.


And I took my first stab at molding and casting a small piece for a cloud pin that will go right near the gold ties on the overskirt.  Surely there were plenty of things I could do better here, but for a first go round, I think I’m gonna be happy enough.  Certainly happier than I am with that stinking corset.  I sculpted my cloud out of Plastalina clay, used Silicone Rubber for the mold, and cast the piece in resin.


Here are some of the steps.


I liked the ease of using the ziplock container as a base for the mold.  Jesse told me my cloud looked like a turd.  I suppose it kind of does, but I think the final piece will resonate as a cloud, especially for those familiar with Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark.  I intend to string some ribbons from it as well, and place a pin back on it.  More on that when it is done!

That’s it for now I think.  Still to do:

1)  Finish cloud pin

2)  Make pegasus wings

3)  Sew overskirt

4)  Sew white top


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