Done in the Nick of Time

My Rainbow Dash costume is done!

I was worried about not finishing.  Or being up until all hours of the night last night.

Thankfully, I completed all of my sewing on Tuesday (the overskirt and top to go underneath the waist cincher).  The overskirt was a simple piece, and I got to work with some fun gold lame fabric for the waistband tie piece.  Here I am working on that part.  Yes, you can iron it, in case you were curious.  My iron was on the highest setting.


I started to make my cutie mark Sunday and Monday, which I talked about last time.  Here is the finished product after the resin cast cured in the mold.CutieMark

The cutie mark pin above is definitely stylized, and honestly that fits the feel I’m going for with this almost Steampunk look.  I didn’t have time for other props, but maybe as an add-on later.

There is lots about this project that did not go the way I had originally planned.  Mostly the corset.  I tried some new things and experimented, and I learned a lot I think.  I will admit to being very afraid of completely ruining the costume when I made the decision to cut the cups out of the corset and turn it into a waist cincher.  This required me to sew an additional costume piece Tuesday night, a white, super soft, knit tube top.  It is fairly sheer so I doubled up the fabric, and made a casing for elastic at the top.  That’s really all I did to the fabric.  The rest of the piece is going to be completely hidden beneath the corset anyway, so no big deal if it is short or uneven, etc.  Here is my finished tube top.


It barely covers my midriff, but again, the corset will hide it.  I’m kind of hoping the white top manages to give off the appearance of clouds since the rainbow corset is below it.  I’m keeping my completed costume pictures a surprise until I wear it on Friday at MegaCon.  I’ll give you a preview of the corset back with my wings, though:


The wings were not finished in this shot.  I made them out of craft foam, hot glue, and 12 gauge solid stranded wire (my go to for wings).  I cut the wings, and then used a heat gun to give them just a tiny bit of shape (more noticeable from the front).  I learned this technique when I made one of my first costumes, a set of armor made of craft foam.  That armor was much more elaborate, but I wanted to try to make the foam less bendable and flimsy after it was shaped.  So I mixed together 2 parts water, 1 part Elmer’s glue, and 1 part fabric glue.  Then I painted several coats on either side of the wings.  Admittedly, they are still a little flimsier than I like, but it helped a little bit.  They became a bit more sturdy when I finished the wings by gluing them to the wire and then adding another piece of foam to hide the wire.  I was worried my hot glue gun would melt the craft foam, but happily it worked quite well and no melting occurred (I tested first to be sure).

When I tried the whole thing on last night, I am pretty happy with how everything turned out, despite some of the trials and tribulations involved.  This costume is my first original take on a known character, and I find that I love starting with a design and turning it into reality.  I guess I started with a design for my fairy costume, but this was different somehow.  I need to do more of this.  Maybe even more ponies (Fluttershy!).

I have a couple poses I’m working on, but having some small issues with these that I’m going to have to work out before Friday.

I leave today for MegacCon with my mother-in-law, Debbie!  It’s her first convention, and I hope she has a blast!  Follow my posts on Facebook and Twitter – I’ll try to keep you updated.  I probably won’t post again until Monday, when I return and go over all the cool stuff I saw and did.  MegaCon, here I come!


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  1. March 20, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    Well done! Can’t wait to see the photos.


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