MegaCon 2014: The Rainbow Dash Experience

I had an amazing time in Orlando this past weekend.  This week will be packed full of posts, I think, so that I don’t try to do it all at once and bore you!  Anyway, this weekend went like this:

1)  Drive to Orlando on Thursday evening.

2)  Attend MegaCon on Friday.

3)  EPCOT trip on Saturday.

4.) Home Saturday night.

Today I’m going to talk about MegaCon.  There will likely be a secondary post on it this week as well where I share some fun pictures of other costumes I saw.  But today I’m just going to review the experience I had.

And that begins with standing in line.

The convention center was walkable from the Clarion Inn and Suites where my mother-in-law and I stayed.  It’s proximity to the hotel was about the only thing I was happy with about the hotel, but I digress. Attendees were allowed to start picking up tickets at 10:30 am, with the convention beginning around noon.  So Debbie and I walked over to the convention center from the hotel around 9:30 am, with me decked out in my Sky Captain Rainbow Dash costume.  There was already quite a line of people waiting; I heard the earliest folks arrived around 6 am. O.o


 The line standing experience was better than what I am used to at DragonCon for the simple fact that the entire line was indoors and away from the heat.  The picture above is of a single line for advanced ticket holders that goes from the center of the building to one end and wraps back.  Once we got back to the center of the building and were let down the escalators, we stood in a final line (very much like once they let you inside the Sheraton at DC), and received our wristbands.  The whole process took about an hour and a half, maybe two hours at the max.  Here is the downstairs part of the line.


 After we were done, we walked over to one of the concessions areas (they had at least four), which consisted of 3-8 different food carts, such as Papa John’s, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Chicken fingers, Gyros, and a few other things.  Each cart area was accompanied by a bunch of round tables and chairs for con-goers to sit and eat at.  They had clean up crews on stand by helping to keep the areas clean too.


This large downstairs area also contained the dealer hall and artist’s alley, as well as the celebrity photo ops.  We took some time and wandered the dealer hall.  I saw a couple really neat things – some lighted letter signs by Ransom Designs, and some awesome 3D paper wall art by The Paper Pony.  They had so many cool things and were super nice (and patient cause I took forever making up my mind on what I wanted LOL).  I am absolutely certain I will be giving them more of my money at some point.  I did bring Jesse back a Poison Ivy shadow box from their booth.  You lose a bit of the 3D effect in the photo below, but still really cool!


After the dealer hall, we waited in line for the Smallville panel, where Allison Mack (Chloe), Laura Vanderhoort (Kara), and John Glover (Lionel Luther) would be talking and answering fan questions.  The panel was pretty good, with a highlight being that Allison Mack was asked to sing a few lines of jazz music, which she is doing more of lately since the show has ended.  I also learned that apparently there is a Smallville comic which has continued the story after the show ended, so I’ll be looking that up soon.


And of course for me one of the most fun parts of this convention was getting to cosplay as Sky Captain Rainbow Dash.  I had a great time seeking out other pony costumes, getting asked for lots of pictures, and especially taking pictures with the kids that asked.  This costume was easily the biggest costuming success I have had, and it felt really good to have people appreciate the work I had done.  I also really appreciated having Debbie with me to help me pay attention to photo seekers (I am kind of oblivious, though I did better this time), and to carry cameras and bags.  She was a very fun companion to have along for this trip!  Thanks, Debbie, for going with me!

So onto the costume!  It took me about 2 hours to get ready to go, though admittedly at least half of that was makeup.  Once I had my makeup on, getting into costume wasn’t a long process, though I do want to stress that order matters when putting on a costume, especially with a corset!  For instance, once that corset is on, my ability to bend over and put shoes on goes out the window.  So here is the general order in which I put the costume on.

1)  Socks

2)  Shoes (These were a big hit, by the way, lots of comments on them.)

3)  Wig / Ears / Hat

4)  Underskirt

5)  White top piece

6)  Corset (but put the cutie mark pin on before the corset is on your body, it is hard to close the pin back once the corset is on)

7)  Overskirt

8)  Jacket

9)  Wings

10)  Pony tail

As a few detailed notes, the wig for this costume is a bit too small for my head and I might someday replace it with a better one.  The headband with the ears wound up sitting back a little far on my head, too.  So ultimately the headgear is the part of the costume that bothered me the most during the convention; I was constantly tugging on the wig and afraid things were falling off my head.  The pony tail piece came with a built in large hair clip, so we just attached the clip to the bottom lacing of the corset in back.  My wings were finished on Wednesday, and probably could have been engineered slightly better, but they worked okay.  They were the second most bothersome thing about the costume on Friday (and when I look at pictures, I mostly only see a single wing for some reason).  Finally, I bought some Fashion Tape before we left, since during the costume trial, I decided on a pose where I was saluting.  During my salute the jacket rose up off my skin in a way I was not fond of, hence the fashion tape.  We attempted to stick it down to me before heading out.  It made things better, but not perfect.  Regardless, here is the finished costume!


I am really happy with how this turned out.  And the attention it got makes me excited to potentially make additional pony costumes from the set I designed earlier this year (though I am not sure when that will happen).

This post is crazy long!  Tomorrow, I’ll share some of my photos of other cosplayers from the convention!  Have a great Monday!


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  1. March 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    You look adorable. Well done!

    • Tyraenna
      March 24, 2014 at 6:34 pm



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