Lookout for Liebsters!

Quick break from all the Orlando posts this week :). Tomorrow I’ll chat about my Disney visit.

I didn’t realize that one could get a Liebster twice, but I guess it makes sense.  The interwebs are so crazy big.  Regardless, this time I apparently have to answer some questions, so y’all can get to know me better or something.  Poor you.

– A few simple rules apply –
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the questions given to you (oh you are all going to get bored!!!)
3. Nominate other Bloggers with less than 500 followers
So thank you, to Anne from Pretty Grievances for the Liebster 🙂  You were one of my first blogger connections, and I still love reading about your adventures!  I also thought of you while I was at EPCOT this past weekend, and of your Up costumes.  Your blog always has me laughing with your fantastic writing style and sense of humor!
My Questions:

What is your passion?

That implies that I have a single one.  Sewing for sure.  Disney.  Geeky things like Doctor Who, board games, and Civilization 5.  Costumes.  Conventions.  Food.  Traveling.  The list could go on.


Why do you blog?

I started as a way to keep track of my sewing projects and progress, and it has since grown into an outlet for most of my crafts, trips, and other life things.


If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

I’m very happy with my life, but if I have to pick something, I’ll go with more free time.  Or perhaps less need for sleep, which would have the same effect …


If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Australia.  With my husband.  Or possibly a Mediterranean cruise.


What is your favourite “end of the day wind down time” activity?

Watching “tv” (read: internet shows since we have no cable) with my hubby while we eat popcorn and snuggle with the dogs.


Who has had the most impact on who you are today?

Depends on how you mean.  I’ll focus on things pertinent to my blog.  My mom has had a huge impact on me in a lot of ways, but especially as a seamstress since she made so many things for us growing up.  My dad has impacted me in terms of implanting a lot of the seeds of geekdom, such as sci-fi and video games.  And my husband continues to share in the geeky aspects of my life, as well as round out my mostly shy and introverted personality.  Love them all!


What is your dream job?

I actually love doing what I do – human factors engineering for a software company named Sparc.  It’s a fantastic and fun place to work, and we’re hiring if anyone is interested!  Anyway, that is a boring answer to the question.  But a more interesting question might be what were some of your dream jobs growing up.  I went through phases where I wanted to be a Disney animator, a young adult fiction writer, a video game programmer, and a geneticist.


Favourite websites that make life easier?

Amazon.  Pinterest.


Favorite rainy day recipe?

Probably cookies of some kind.  Mmmmm cookies.  I love chocolate-y ones.  Especially if they are shaped like Star Wars ships!


Here’s who I nominated:

The Fabric Alchemist – If you check my blogroll, Meris over at The Fabric Alchemist is a somewhat recent addition. If you enjoy reading about sewing and you are also geeky enough to enjoy my droning on an on about costumes and cosplay, then you will surely enjoy her blog!  Honestly, if the two of us ever wound up at the same convention, I think we’d talk for hours!

The Itty Bitty City Kitchen – My soon-to-be cousin, Jacky, isn’t a seamstress, but she is a fantastic cook! With all the rich cultural heritage in her family and the one she’s marrying into, she has lots of influence to draw on when she makes her yummy creations!

And Then We Laughed – Karen and I met while we attended Clemson years ago and lived in the same dorm. Now she blogs about her family and military life, as well as some fun home decor projects.  I’ve always enjoyed her sense of humor, which definitely comes through in her blog!

Manda Made It – You’ve likely already met Amanda through some of my Sewing Night posts, as she is a regular in my local sewing group.  She’s a pretty busy lady raising her two daughters, and frequently sews super cute clothes for them.  She has also made some gorgeous things for herself, like this bird dress (one of my favorites).  No matter what she sews, Amanda’s work is always very polished and professional looking!


Hope you enjoy checking out these four blogs – I know I do 🙂


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