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Maybe it’s because I’m going to be traveling next week.  Maybe it’s because I needed a break after the costume rush for MegaCon.  Maybe it’s because I have been watching and re-watching Frozen.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve been spending more time during my evenings working out rather than at home.

But the sewing machine has been quiet for the month of April so far.

We did some yard work this weekend.  If you know my husband and I, we’re not exactly outdoorsy people.  But apparently we are terrified (or at least I am) of being fined by the HOA for not keeping up our yard at the new house, so alas.

I decided that sometime soon I’ll be doing a painting project on the bare wall in the kitchen where my new Harry Potter travel posters are going to go.  More on that next month when I hopefully start that.

I have also been ruminating on possible next costumes.  My current short list includes:

-Snow White from Once Upon a Time

-Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time (I’ve had an urge to do a gender swapped costume lately, since I’ve not done this yet)



-One of the Disney princesses, with a twist.  And probably not Elsa or Anna, despite my recent obsession with their movie.

Oooo, maybe I could do a Disney sidekick instead of a princess?  Like Zazu!  Oh, I can see my husband cringing now – wings, feathers, and a tail… the nightmare of walking anywhere with me!  Or maybe Mushu.  Those are probably my two favorite sidekicks.

I want something a little bit different, where I can take some creative license and put my own twist on it.  Love Disney and the princesses, but want something just a bit … more.  And even though I love my Rainbow Dash costume, I’d really like to do a costume of my favorite pony.  I’ve seen a lot of neat gender swap costumes as I was perusing Pinterest this week (a Booker from Bioshock Infinite, for example).  And my husband ad I have been catching up on Once Upon a Time lately, so I’ve been drooling over those costumes.  I have a pattern for the Snow White one, but Rumplestiltskin is tickling my fancy as well and would meet my gender swap criteria.

Oh, and whatever the costume is, I am trying NOT to have it include a corset.  I think I need a break from corsetry for a bit after the last one. 🙂  Honestly, if I go with Fluttershy, I might have to break that no corset rule, but we’ll see.  It will be weird if I go with the Snow White one, since I haven’t sewn a costume from a pattern since … my Steampunk one?  Or I suppose I based my Breyna costume on a pattern too.

I have some other sewing projects in my plans too:

-A dress for a wedding I’m attending in June

-My first quilt

-Possible dog Halloween costumes (yes, I might be that person)

I think that’s it for today.  Toodles!


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