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Welcome to the next chapter of my Spacey Summer Sewing Series! 😀  We’re continuing on with the Star Wars outfit for this first week.  Monday begin with a reversible skirt, and today I’m going to share the tank top that matches the Star Wars side of said skirt.

I drafted the tank pattern myself, for use with this tank top, and the one I’ll be making next week for the Star Trek side of the skirt.  The fabric for the tank top was a white knit that I have had in my stash for a while.  I did purchase a matching teal fabric for the appliques, but happily I didn’t need much of that.  I could not find my roll of tissue paper, so I used some of the grid fabric I had in my stash for the pattern pieces.  I sketched half of my Rebel Alliance symbol appliques on the fabric, and then folded the fabric in half, traced onto the back of the fabric, reopened it and traced the line again to make sure that the symbols were symmetrical.


When I cut the white fabric for the tank top, I decided to cut two pieces each for the front and the back since it was a bit sheer.  I recently read up about underlining over at Seamstress Erin’s blog.  Honestly, I have done it at least once before without knowing what it meant, back when I made this dress.  Anyway, the reason that I cut two pieces of fabric for each part of the tank was to underline it.  I essentially basted the pieces of the tank front together and did the same to the tank bank, prior to doing any of the “real” work on the tank top.

Next up was the applique process.  After cutting three Rebel Alliance symbol appliques, I needed to apply heat and bond to them.  I haven’t appliqued anything since the Breyna Project.  And I hated Heat and Bond then. Truthfully, I forgot some important details about using it, and it resulted in me ruining my ironing board cover …

photo 2

Moral of the story: ALWAYS CUT YOUR HEAT AND BOND PIECES TO MATCH YOUR FABRIC.  Being lazy on that did not help me out hehe.  Here are the tank top pieces, with the appliques laid out on top.


After that, I attached two of the three Rebel symbols to the front of the tank top.  I had marked the placement of these things earlier.  I decided to use a darker blue thread to match the darker blue in the skirt.  I also attached the raglan style appliques to the tank top straps.  I left the large symbol applique for once I had connected the tank top pieces, since that one would cross a seam line.

photo 4

The dark blue looks great, but my machine would randomly have issues where the zigzag stitch would snag and get caught, resulting in some fairly uneven looking stitchery, as seen above.  I will repeat my mantra – “Sewing is all about learning to live with your mistakes.”  And look – here’s more!


Once four of the five appliques were on, I stitched the front of the tank top to the back at the shoulder seams and the side seams.


I did my hemming (could not find my twin needle, or I would have used that …), and then I attached the final applique.  I tried on the tank top, noticed a that it needed some darts near the bust, and I marked and stitched those.  Then I began pinning bias tape to the armholes and collar areas, again with the darker blue contrast.


And finally, it was done!  Time to try on the complete outfit, with the skirt.


One of these days I’ll manage to get a picture of the skirt glowing in the dark.  But regardless, I love this outfit!  Now I need to figure out what shoes to wear with it.  With what I have, probably a white sandal.  But I can’t lie, I’m thinking a little bit about a pair of dark blue Chuck Taylors… let me know if you have a good shoe suggestion!  Tauntaun slippers maybe? 😉


4 comments for “Applique Adventures

  1. May 8, 2014 at 7:58 am

    I like! Very much. And I think the topstitching is an excellent example of how mistakes feel much more serious to the maker – the wibbles don’t show at all in the final photos; if you hadn’t pointed them out I likely wouldn’t have noticed anything was off.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series 🙂

  2. May 8, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    This outfit was such a good idea. You’ll look super cute if you end up going to DragonCon and need a “standing in line” outfit!

    • May 8, 2014 at 6:50 pm

      Haha yes! Perfect for that!


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