WIP: Cosmically Cool Space Dress

I wanted to finish this week’s sewing project before I left on my work trip, but alas.  Still, I have enough to share it with you, and I’ll do another post next week to share the finished product.

As part of my Spacey Summer Sewing Series, I began work on McCall’s 4444, View B.  It’s a pattern I’ve had for a long time (now out of print apparently), and I decided to make it to wear to a wedding I am attending late next month.  But as long as I’m making a dress, why not make it geeky?  I fell in love with the fabric at the store, though truthfully it’s a fray-tastic and slippery asshat despite it’s gorgeous space-like hues (PS I love that all of those words were just in a sentence together).

This dress fits my spacey theme simply because the fabric reminds me of space and jupiter and the little crystals on it sparkle like stars.  There’s no science fiction movie I’m trying to pay homage to, just to science and space in general.  Guess I better show you the fabric, huh?


Here’s a shot of the dress top.  I decided to use the contrast fabric for the straps as the lining on the top of the dress as well, since there is no way the tiny crystal “stars” will feel comfortable when facing and rubbing against the skin.

It’s been a while since I sewed from a pattern … I think maybe this tunic or this one?  Not sure if they count since they were simple.  I was a little scared of going back to patterns.  And the instructions for this one were even more weird and horrible than usual – no step numbers, and the English and Spanish versions were intertwined. O.o  New levels of suck for pattern instruction usability.  However, the experience has made me realize that since I don’t really use patterns very frequently anymore, I have truly learned a LOT in the last three years.  It’s possible that there will be a post on that to come shortly.

Anyway, I’m sparing you the details of the space dress’s construction.  Thus far, it has involved some interfacing for the straps, gathering in the center of the top, and piecing the skirt together.  The worst part was the gathering actually, because it happens around a sewn seam, and my gathering threads kept breaking.  So I kept adding more.  And finally I just forced the gathering and pinned the hell out of it.


As usual, I had a few issues and mistakes.  I bought really thick thread by mistake and had some thread tension issues until I decided to say screw it and used some other thread that seemed to match.  The gathering was already mentioned.  Also I didn’t mark the pattern pieces with squares and circles (cause I hate doing that), so I had to wing it a little bit on a few parts of the straps.  Also, slip-stitching was called for by the pattern in a LOT of places.  But we all know that is not happening.  Top-stitching replacement for the win.  Here’s an in progress picture of the straps, which had some confusing drawings in the instructions.


At this point, I have hemming to do as well as an invisible zipper installation.  And I have to hand stitch some hook and eyes on the back of the halter straps.  After that it’s just fit adjustments (and I have a suspicion the top is going to need a bit of that).  But here is the space dress so far!


The front straps have space left for the back strap pieces to be connected.  They are pretty neat, so I’m excited to show them to you when they are all done.  More on this space dress next week when I finish it up.

In other news, my Spoonflower fabric finally shipped!  Which means the last project in my line-up for the Spacey Summer Sewing Series can be commenced soon.  It may squeak into June, but we’ll see how it goes!  Have a great week everyone!


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    May 19, 2014 at 9:37 am


    • May 19, 2014 at 11:00 am

      Inspired by your awesome space dress. 🙂


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