Wibbley Wobbly Leggings

I took a little while to jump on the Doctor Who train, but right around the holidays last year, I decided to watch the reboot seasons.  I had seen several episodes sporadically before then and enjoyed it enough, but I’m glad I watched it all the way through.  I even tried to convince my parents to watch it with me while they were visiting.  They suffered (read: snored) through several episodes, but did not seem terribly entertained.

One of my new t-shirt purchases is one of Karen Hallion’s Tardis meets Disney princess mashups – the Ariel one to be exact.  And my mom loves Ariel.  So I found myself having this text message conversation with her the other night.


I felt the urge to share that conversation, since it amused me a good bit.  And if you haven’t yet discovered Karen Hallion’s stuff (thanks to Jill who suggested it as potential house artwork), you should click the link above and check out her stuff.  SO COOL.

Anyway, down to business.  As the final part of the Spacey Summer Sewing Series, I am making a Doctor Who outfit.  And the first piece is a pair of leggings using some fabric I ordered from Spoonflower a little while ago.  If you have never ordered from Spoonflower, they print your selected design on your choice of fabric.  I believe that I chose the “Performance Knit” option, which in retrospect was not the best choice I could have made for leggings.  It is nice, lightweight, and a silky polyester; however it is pretty thin, and it’s stretch is minimal (the site says 25%).  My leggings are wearable, but they could be better is what I am saying.

I used this tutorial.  Which was fantastic.  And I am glad to have this pattern made now, so that when I do have some fabric (and it’s likely that there is some in my stash honestly) that would be good for leggings, I can make bunches.  Kinda like my obsession with pajamas.

I did test my stitches out on some test scraps prior to selecting one.  I tried the “stretch stitch” (03 on my machine) and a standard zigzag in two different sizes.  All worked, and I selected the zigzag.  Which then promptly chewed on some of my fabric and had weird hiccups while I stitched the first seam.  And so I swapped to a straight stitch.  Regardless, here are the differences in what I tried out.


Other than knowing you are supposed to use ball point needles for stretch fabric, I never knew why.  The rightmost column in the picture above?  That’s why.  I forgot to switch out my needle.  And BOY can you tell.  The middle stitch is a stretch stitch of the same sizes but with a ball point needle.  The left is just the zigzag.

Anyway, the stitching process was fast.  I used a different way than usual to stitch the pants together, by putting one leg inside the other, right sides together, and then stitching the u-bend.  I had seen Elizabeth try this once with fabric that was hard to tell the difference between the right side and the wrong side … so much seam ripping.  But this fabric was easy to tell the difference, and it worked great.  I did my usual elastic casing rather than the tutorial’s suggested method because I was paranoid about attaching it to the stretchy fabric and limiting it’s stretchiness.  But already the elastic has rolled a few times in the casing.  Oh well, I will live 🙂

The leggings are definitely wibbley wobbly.  Or possibly “saggy baggy elephant pants” like Mom used to say.  But I am making a Timey Wimey Tunic to go with them, and so they’ll probably look okay with that.


The coolness of the print on the fabric kinda makes up for the fabric itself not being the right type for leggings.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll finish the tunic and share the completed project!  Geronimo (yes, Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor)!


2 comments for “Wibbley Wobbly Leggings

  1. May 29, 2014 at 9:09 am

    So neat! What are you going to wear with these, shoe-wise? I’m psyched to see the whole outfit. I also just noticed the dog legs in the last photo, ha.

    • May 29, 2014 at 9:37 am

      Haha, yeah the dogs were not cooperating for the picture. I am wearing the leggings today with my blue converse sneakers, and a dress/tunic thing (since the tunic I am making for the outfit isn’t done yet).


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