Timey Wimey Tunic

It turns out the Spacey Summer Sewing Series from May has bled into June just a tad.  Such is life when you have a day job, I suppose!  Anyway, this will be the final piece in the series, a tunic to go with the Wibbley Wobbley Leggings from last week.

Speaking of leggings, they barely survived the first wear last week.


The image above on the left is the left leg seam done with a zigzag stitch.  Poor decision!!  Look at the giant holes it is making in my fabric and all the horrible things happening there!  Versus the picture on the right, where I had switched to a longer straight stitch.  Still not as pretty as I would like (I will chalk that up to a poor fabric decision at Spoonflower – don’t use the Performance Knit for leggings!), but way better than the other leg.  When I got home that evening, I quickly stitched another line of straight stitches to form a new seam and prevent the left leg from completely ripping.  Good news – they still fit 🙂

I was going to just make a tunic in TARDIS blue, but then I discovered I have a knit blue dress in my closet that I can wear with them.  So I decided to make the tunic a bit more geeky and add the window appliques and the “Police Box” text.  And the best part?  I used stash fabric – a blue knit I’ve had for over a year.  It was going to be part of a costume, but I have lost interest in it, so time to use the fabric!  I drafted the pattern in my usual way – measuring along seamlines, sketching out pieces, etc.  I ended up with 4 pieces – a front, a back, a collar, and a fluttery sleeve.  I also cut two white rectangles for windows, and a black strip for the “Police Box” lettering.


The knit I used was the opposite of the leggings – a 4-way stretch, and no matter what tricks I tried, I still wound up with wavy seams.  I hemmed with my twin needle, and used tear away stabilizer as a tissue paper substitute.  Ultimately, this just pushes me that much closer to a serger purchase.

I also did a v-neck t-shirt style collar on this top, like on the Inuyasha costume I made for one of my friend’s daughters a while back.  Something about making these collars is very satisfying because they look SO nice when done, and despite seeming scary, it’s not so bad.

I used knit fabric for the appliques on this knit top this time, hoping that the top would remain as stretchy as possible.  And I just “eyeballed” the location of the appliques, so surely someday I will notice how non-centered they are and hate myself for the rest of eternity.



Well all the sewing was said and done, I dug up some fabric paint I had lying around, and added the text to the black applique.


But all in all, it was a simple project, and made for a third spacey and geeky outfit!  Well, fourth if you count the space dress.  Here is the finished product, complete with recently customized and purchased Chuck Taylors – which match my Star Wars outfit, but oddly also seem to fit this one too 🙂  Penny is portraying the Doctor’s companion in this shot, also known as “the dog who grunted”.



And a final side shot.  I like the fluttery sleeves, quite simple, and look cute.  Boy you can definitely notice all my wavy hemming in the photo below. An iron might fix some of that.



Next week, I hope to have some DragonCon costume progress to share!


2 comments for “Timey Wimey Tunic

  1. June 5, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Cute! The shoes are a nice touch. 🙂

    • June 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm

      Especially since David Tenant wears a pair when he is the Doctor. But my Chuck Taylors are more better 😉


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