Portal Cupcakes for My Companion Cube

I swear I didn’ t start a Portal themed month or anything.  I also have not started my Hades costume, sigh.  In all likelihood, this week will be spent prepping my next few projects, cutting, patterning, etc.

Anyway, the one thing I did do this weekend was celebrate my husband’s birthday, which is actually today.  He requested boxed cake cupcakes as he likes that better, which is always easier anyway.  And he’s not a chocolate icing kinda guy, so vanilla was the name of the game.

It just so happened that I had leftover blue vanilla and orange vanilla icing in my refrigerator, from making Settlers cupcakes for International Tabletop Day, and an attempt at Agricola cupcakes for Memorial Day weekend recently (those ones came out so well that I did not share them with you here … haha).  Since I had just made my Portal skirt earlier this week, that game has been on my brain for the last few days.  And as my husband introduced me to Portal and its awesomeness, I asked him if he wanted his cupcakes decorated that way.  He didn’t want me to go through the extra work to do that, but since I wanted to I did it anyway, hah.  It really wasn’t much work since I didn’t even have to dye the icing.  I did using my Wilton decorating tips though.  Here is the result.


The hardest ones to make were the Aperture Science symbol ones (the circular symbol made of a bunch of almost triangles in orange and blue, for those who aren’t familiar).  The companion cube ones were quite fun, and while I don’t think the turrets came out fantastic, they are kinda cute.  Since Jesse really just wanted the funfetti sprinkles on his cupcakes, I made sure to add those to the tiny ones where I wrote the ironic “The cake is a lie!” tagline from the game.  Here’s a close up shot.


It was a fun day, there was quite a lot of drinking.  In fact, some of our friends bought him Mouse Trap for a gift (it was even wrapped in Disney princess paper!), and instructed me to make sure he was three sheets to the wind prior to opening it as they wanted him to set it up while drunk.  This is as far as he got.

MouseTrapIt was a fun day, and a good reason to celebrate in my opinion 🙂  Jesse, I am grateful for you every day of my life, but am always happy to celebrate you on your special day, too.  Thanks for being you – unique, funny, smart, sexy, happy, logical, curious … the list could go on!  And of course, thanks for being my best friend and my “companion cube”.  I love you, and hope this next year treats you as well as you deserve!


2 comments for “Portal Cupcakes for My Companion Cube

  1. June 23, 2014 at 7:52 am

    I’m impressed with the circular ones – that does look like it was hard to draw in icing!

    • June 23, 2014 at 7:53 am

      Haha thanks. Don’t look too closely, some are quite a mess.


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