Hades Costume Complete

I love Amazon Prime.  My replacement el wire pack arrived on Saturday, just as I was finishing up my seam ripping to remove the piece I stabbed into submission during round one of my t-shirt for Hades.

I attached this piece without ruining the el wire strand.  I did notice that the other sleeve seems to have a finicky short in it as well, probably from another run by needle stabbing.  However, it seems to work for the most part. We will see how that progresses, since I now have extra el wire strands I could replace it with if need be.  Since my shirt is completely finished at this point, I am hoping I don’t need to; it will be way harder to sew this way than it was flat.

Here is the tee from the front:



And from the back (hopefully I can hide some of this better … maybe with masking tape hah):


Some will get hidden by the toga piece for sure.

Once the tee was finished, I stitched the sheath dress together at the sides, and made a casing at the top for some elastic.  Then I threw that piece and the shirt onto Deidre and began anew the draping project for the toga sash.


I had cut way too much fabric apparently, and it was hard to figure out which part of my strangely shaped pieces was the shoulder part hah.  This whole toga piece was not really an exact science, to say the least.  Once I figured out where the shoulders were, I placed right sides together, and stitched.  After stitching, I did what I would like to call a forced gather – I bunched the fabric up as much as possible, squished it down so it would kinda fit under my presser foot, and slowly, carefully, timidly forced that mess through my machine.

I didn’t break or bend a needle!  Amazing right?  I used a size 16 ball point needle, in case you are curious.  In the picture above, the shoulder is already stitched and gathered.  Below it’s not yet stitched or gathered.


Next I had to do the side seam.  Once the fabric was draped the way I wanted, I tied a small piece of elastic around it to hold it that way, one for the front and one for the back.  Then I force gathered each piece right near the elastic with my machine.  I wound up with something like this.


And then I cut the excess off, and smooshed the front and back pieces together and stitched.  Has anybody seen my presser foot lately?


And voila!


I will probably need some safety pins to keep the sash where I want it.  But I’m happy with it.  I decided to go with an angled skirt, though I haven’t hemmed it.  That seems to be my thing this year – finish the costumes … just don’t hem them.  I will have a hemming day and do them all at once.

Next week – Orkfest.  Coming soon, prop work and trial runs for these, plus a third last minute costume because I somehow still have time.  I won’t say what it is yet, but it involves both sewing a body suit (yikes) and working with thermoplastics, like Worbla and Wonderflex.


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