Most Memorable Orkfest Moments

This evening, I will be en route for our annual Orkfest trip to visit and hang out with my favorite gaming geeks.

I’ve done a couple of other posts about Orkfest.  How we arrived during our first attendance of the event was pretty epic, memory wise.  But I feel like this year, I need to call out some of our more memorable occurrences.  At least from my perspective.

1.  That time when Cutter slithered down the stairs.

This is how I can tell that digital photography had not quite taken off yet – I have no digital photos of this.  I think it must’ve been around 2004 or 2005.  We were in Orkfest in TN, and there were only maybe 8 of us!  It was the first time mojitos were ever made at an Orkfest, and Cutter brought them and made them while we were playing a game of Robo Rally.  The game began with three flags.  Several hours later when no one had reached the first flag, the other two flags mysteriously made their way back to the game box.  So that is how the drunkenness began that afternoon.  Later on some of us had progressed to Karaoke Revolution on the Xbox, while others were upstairs playing pool in the loft.  I’m not sure why he came downstairs – maybe for a new drink? – but Cutter laid down on his stomach at the top of the stairs and slithered down them like a snake.  No Inn Mates were injured during this Orkfest, surprisingly.


2.  That time when the heretics where thrown in the sand pit.

We went to the beach and built a sand castle.

While the sand castle itself was nice, its best amenity was the pit nearby where you could throw the heretics.  Because if being an Inn Mate was a religion, I might actually participate in worship.  Especially if we threw the heretics in a sand pit.  And there was a sarlacc…


3.  The time when we learned how to “properly” play Treehouse.


This is maybe circa 2006ish?  Treehouse is an easy game, but drunk Inn Mates make their own rules.  I think we take a picture like this at every Orkfest now.  Just because.



4.  The time(s) when Charles flashed some poor unsuspecting Inn Mates.


This happens more often than you would think.  From the one of us who is sober.  But this is my favorite picture of it, from TN back in 2009.


5.  The time when Steve really WON Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.

In 2010, we had a Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock Tournament.  Steve wasn’t actually the winner, but he did try to bring out a nuke.  Definitely memorable.


Not pictured but also memorable – Linda’s Octopus Spock.  Clearly a nuke would win that fight though.


6.  That time with the ouzo.

My dad, Tino, decided to subject us to ouzo during the Orkfest in TN 2009.  That stuff is nasty.  But we all obligingly took a shot of it regardless.  Their faces say it all.


And then we found Tino asleep in a comfy chair about 10 minutes after this was taken.  O.o


7.  The best group photo EVAH!

What happens in Vegas …



8.  The time when Jesse and Charles went kayaking.

I don’t actually remember this event, but I always remember the picture.  Because Linda’s captions ROCK!



9.  The time of the first Skully appearance.

Steve brought some Crystal Skull Vodka with him to TN in 2009.  I believe he slept in a comfy armchair that night snuggling with the empty bottle.  And henceforth, Skully has made an appearance at Orkfest in various forms.  And someone new takes the bottle home each time.



10.  The time with all the birthdays.

September always has lots of birthdays.  Since one of them was a milestone birthday, we celebrated with fancy cakes made by Suzanne.  Nom!  One large goat cake for Linda, a travel cake for Pat who was embarking on a world cruise, a Steampunk octopus for me because AWESOME, a skully cake for Steve, and a yellow flying spaghetti monster cake for Dan.  Props to the baker!



11.  That time we went to dinner at the brewery in TN.

Mmmm, beer.  And delicious bar food.



12.  That time Barb lost to the dishwasher.

This happened in 2007.  I probably have a picture somewhere but not digitally.  Orkfest was in Orlando that year, Linda planned it and got us a nice house with a pool and hot tub.  It was the first year Kim & George came, and maybe Barb’s first year too.  I remember on the last day, she had a disagreement with the dishwasher, resulting in some extra sudsy fun!


13.  That time with the sparkle twins.

There is nothing really to say about this picture other than it is iconic.  It happened in 2009 in TN, when Kim brought the spray on hair dye, which obviously included sparkles.



14.  The time with multiple kitchen injuries.

Possibly because of things like this.  I believe Jill hurt herself with scissors.  And Dan cut himself with a knife maybe?  Fondue fork fencing did not actually result in an injury, but it could have happened!



15.  The time with all the Ring-ding-ding-deding-deding-ding-ding.

The Fox by Ylvis came out maybe a month before last year’s Orkfest.  Thus we watched it several times, all shouting Ring-ding-ding-deding-deding-ding-ding at the appropriate time.  And once there was even dancing … or rather an attempt at dancing.



16.  The time Jesse wrote epic words in the sand.

My husband frequently has good ideas.  In 2010, we all remember the day he took a broom and went down to the beach and wrote Orkfest in the sand while we watched (and later took a picture by it).



17.  The day Osama Bin Laden died.

Strangely, important events seem to occur at Orkfest frequently.  In 2011, it was Osama Bin Laden’s death.  The “Shock and Awe” campaign was watched at an earlier Orkfest in Matlache. In Vegas, we watched the London Olympics, and made our own Orkfest Olympic events.



18.  The time a French mob named Pierre controlled all the monsters in a game of Descent.

Jesse was playing the dungeon monsters against 4 of us, and one particular gnoll-like mob acquired both a French name and accent as he and his minions fought the valiant heroes.



19.  The time Steve tried to draw a rolling rock.  We think.

Telestrations is a super fun game, and it seems to get even the folks who are less interested in board games to play.  Steve tried to draw a “rolling rock” on his board, and Eric and Linda are just flabberghasted by his skillz.


20.  The time there was a beer cake.

Well a beer mug shaped cake.  A giant one.  Made by Jen B.  The dwarf was a fan.  Actually, we all were fans.  Seems a most appropriate cake for this group.



These are just a few of the great memories I’ve gotten from Orkfest.  I’m sure we’ll make at least a dozen more this year!  More on this year’s event coming soon (TM)!


2 comments for “Most Memorable Orkfest Moments

  1. Charles
    March 19, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    The one with me and jessie in the kayak I think was the first or maybe second orkfest down at cutters parents place on matlache island. We went out into the stinky mangrove areas was very interesting but at low tide there was probably less than a foot deep water or less in most of the areas we went to hence the comments on breakfast foods there was some fear we were just going to get stuck due to low water.

    • March 19, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      Hehe, I just remember liking the photo. And I miss Linda’s comments. Maybe I will try to con her into helping comment on the next photo books. Which I should totally start, I am missing 2013 and 2014.


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