Orkfest Theme Day: Russian Orks



In Russian River, you no do Orkfest; Orkfest does YOU!

Yesterday was our theme day for Orkfest this year.  Russia was chosen since the location this year is Russian River, CA.

We had some Russian decor, including some propaganda posters, and a nice flag.



WarOrk and Lenin … such visionary and futuristic leaders.  Lookout Alluvian, Lenin may be trying to run his hands through your hair!

We played Russian music to set the ambiance.  Some of us played The Manhattan Project in the morning that day to celebrate the arms race and the Cold War.



Jesse won.  Definitely a completely different game with 5 people.

For lunch, Emily made us some Cornish pasties (these are pronounced “pahst-eez”, not like “pays-teez”).




These are glorious little pies of meat, onions, and potatoes wrapped in puff pastry.  They were soooooo yummy!  Thanks, Emily!



As the afternoon wore on, the Bolsheviks repressed the local dwarves, forcing them to the copper mines.



We had Grammar Nazi Jill stand over Linda while we forced her to write letters in the copper.  You make mistake, no dinner for joo!

Then Russian Ork swooped in to save the day with some Moscow Mule mixing!



And Jill and Kim cooked up quite the delicious Russian dinner – beef stroganoff, Russian meatballs, and a raddish and cucumber salad.  Of course, it had to be properly rationed…



If you were lucky enough to receive a place, and careful enough to avoid the anti-Bolshevik spies, you might get to EAT said dinner.  Here I am, on the lookout for dinner stealerz.  And I don’t even have my dinner yet.



It was quite the delicious meal:



I will leave you with some of the more fun group pictures we took yesterday.  Linda’s Orkfest t-shirt design was fantastic this year, as usual.  But herding all of the Russian Ork-cats into submission for these pictures, was quite the chore!  Here we are looking majestically into the future.



I think I missed the memo about pointing.  But to be fair I was running into the picture while the timer counted down.  Katie missed the memo about what direction the future was in.  She prefers the past.

Oh wait, maybe we all missed the memo.  The future is definitely to the right.  Except for Katie again, and Colin.  I am clearly confused about the pointing still, Dan, David, Linda and Jill seem scared of the future, Pat and Eric look a bit angry about it, and Emily is clearly one of the aforementioned anti-Bolshevik spies trying to assassinate Eric.  I wonder why she didn’t think to just poison the pasties, all Inn Mates will eat any food you put in front of them.  Well, except Jesse and Charles.  But anyway.



And one more group shot.  Jill is still a bit scared.  Emily is still setting up her sniper shot.  Eric still angry.  I must have received some sort of scrambled communication way too late as I am still not pointing, but have at least decided to embrace the future.  Pat may have joined Emily’s spy network, and Katie as well since she tries to entice us with her ‘goods’.  I have no excuse for what Colin is doing, and all I can see of Jesse is his raised arm behind Charles stroking his beard.



What a crew.  I love these people – now to stop writing this and go join them for some more fun!! 😀  Cheers!


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