DragonCon 2014 Costumes: The Third

So many cosplayers keep their newest costumes SUPER SEKRIT until they wear them the first time.  I wish I could do that sometimes, but a few things prevent me from this:

1)  Costume brain – when you do sooooo much thinking about a costume, you have to talk about it or you might explode.

2)  It’s hard to talk about my costume construction processes on this blog without telling you readers what I’m making.

3)  It takes me a long time to make my more involved costumes.  So in this case, you’d all be waiting until Labor Day weekend.

Therefore, I am going to tell you THE PLAN.  And as per usual, it is not a costume that was remotely on any of my lists of potential projects.  I did want a costume that is not done all the time (this frequently seems to be a criteria for me …) or at least put a twist on one that is more conventional, like with Rainbow Dash.  I also knew I wanted to make something more complex than the two I just finished.  And I was interested in making armor of some sort so that I could play with thermoplastics like Worbla and Wonderflex.

This costume will probably fill up the rest of the 4 weeks left until DragonCon, but I am going to build a Nasus costume, from League of Legends:


He is a big tanky, Egyptian, Anubis-like character from League of Legends.  Which I admittedly do not play much of, but when I do, Nasus is my favorite.  I even revived my LOL account last weekend and fumbled around like an idiot against some bots.

I have already made myself some black leggings out of some Lycra in my stash (huzzah, stash busting!).

LeggingsForNasusStrangely, these didn’t result in any wavy seams.  I think I am going to make a long sleeved leotard type garment (with snaps in the crotch area) to cover my upper body beneath the armor – this seems to be the best getup in terms of restroom breaks, in my opinion.  I did buy myself some black gloves and some black toe socks to wear on my hands and feet.  I think between all the other things I need to do in the next month, it is perfectly acceptable to buy those items.  I also bought sandals.  But the rest will be made out of the plastics, including his big Anubis schnoz.  And I will airbrush my face with black paint, and I decided on red contacts so I can see.  I’m gonna try to make the green gems in his armor glow if I can though.

I was up for three hours randomly in the middle of the night a few weeks ago thinking about this costume.  So excited!  Big crazy projects like this make me happiest it seems, though I will be quite glad to have the Lady Amalthea and Hades costumes during DragonCon, too.  They can’t ALL be ridiculously grandiose.

Now that I have unveiled what I am currently working on, you can look forward to posts of my mistakes as I make all this armor.  After reading a few tutorials about Worbla, I went and bought three packages of 3′ x 5′ craft foam from Amazon.  Because the thermoplastics are ridiculously expensive, I don’t want to layer it on top of itself; I’d much rather make the base of the armor with craft foam, and then stick an outside layer of plastic down on top of the designs, using less of the plastic.  I’ve begun work on the biggest piece of armor, the plate around his mid-lower body.  Based on how much foam I am using, I may need to order a few more rolls … but foam is way cheaper than Worbla!

More on this next time! 🙂


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